technology of the future

This may not be the first time that some of you have heard about it, but for a long time, the scientific and popular science was revived by the latest news of the ETT or technology evacuation pipes. Licensing Organization ET3 has a patent on this proposed technology of the future.

Technology of the future: Capsules with magnetic levitation

How does it work? Well, just imagine a bright sunny day in New York, and suddenly want to bring his wife on a date for dinner in Beijing! Average flight time for any commercial flight of 14 hours, or less, if you're landing a super-high-tech Air Force aircraft that can go supersonic.

But with the help of ETT you will be able to travel from New York to Beijing in just two hours. Imagine that this dinner date in Beijing and after you have done it more bright and sunny day in the middle of New York. And ET3 believes that the day-speed suction pipe is not far off.

The proposed evacuation prototype technology – six people, the capsule, which moves in vacuum tubes, which do not have air, which can achieve a maximum speed of 4000 miles per hour. These capsules will work for magnetic levitation tracks without rubbing. Technology Mag Lev not out & # 39 is the secret to all, as it is used now in some railways in Europe and in the United States. China also had the same technology as their Shanghai Trans.

If you use the same logic on lines and capsules & # 39 will be magnets with the same poles. And since only the opposite poles attract, the capsule and traces repel each other, creating a kind of illusion that the capsule levitavats. While it is convenient, and it sounds a little silly, it is set as a prominent character in the long-distance transport. This can be seen as cornerstone for future transportation.

This technology can be very ideal, especially for people with a busy schedule and for those who want to maximize their normal mode, reducing the journey time. Instead of the traditional trips to the 16-20 hours on a journey, the capsule create a sense of life to get to your destination. Businessman and tourists alike can greatly benefit from this technology. But the question is whether they will be available in all countries or in some selected (you know what I mean). And if everyone will have access to it, whether it be affordable?

Steps to meet in New York

If you really want to visit a vibrant city, full of lights, stories and magic, and want to spend your vacation with his family & # 39; it, or loved ones, then you definitely need to visit New York. Located in the southern state of New York and the adjacent state of New Jersey, New York with a & # 39 is home to many historical sites and world-famous museums. Check out why.

Step 1 See Robert DeNira

Trybek area, just below Canal Street – a haven for filmmakers and directors. Production Company and Robert DeNira restaurant are also found here, at the following address: 375 Greenwich St.

Step 2 Visit Chinatown and Little Italy

Mulberry Street is a few blocks from Canal Street, home of the famous Chinatown and Little Italy. Take great food, and exclusive and inexpensive gifts in these areas.

Step 3 Take a trip to the Statue of Liberty

By the Statue of Liberty, which is a & # 39 is a hallmark of the United States of America and the world, can be reached by boat from Manhattan. You will be fascinated by the beauty of this statue.

Step 4 Look at the New York branch of the Federal Reserve

As one of twelve regional reserve banks, the Federal Reserve on Liberty Street in Manhattan 33 must be considered. Free tours are available for many hours on

Step 5 See the exquisite works of art

The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) stores some of the greatest works of art in history, for example, the works of Monet. On 33rd Street in Queens, MOMA attracts visitors from around the world and to conduct tours and even a gift shop. Visit

Step 6 Jazz – it's Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center – this is the greatest place in the world for the Performing Arts, home to wonderful jazz and classical musicians, Metropolitan Opera House NYC Ballet.

Step 7: Take a deep breath

If you want to spend your leisure time, a trip to the Brooklyn Bridge will be really worth it. The Chrysler Building and Ellis Island – a hit among tourists.

Remember that New York is rapidly growing pace. Be prepared.

JFK airport transportation

John F. Kennedy International Airport, or commonly known as the JFK airport, opened its gates to the public in 1948. He used to be called the airport in New York, and later became a popular ex-president of the United States. Today it is considered one of the busiest airports in the world.

Nearly 30 million people a year fly to and from the airport. He recently underwent a comprehensive renovation and put nine terminals serving 80 airlines.

Located in the State of Queens in New York, it is exactly 15 miles south-east of the city center. In this city where people do not have enough cars to drive because of the frequent movement, there are many options for easy transportation available for both locals and visitors who go to JFK and from the airport. One of the key terminal is surrounded by the rest of the other terminals. Parking intended for each terminal uniquely coded by color to distinguish them from each other.

It is very advisable to contact the leadership of JFK airport early to avoid the closure of parking spaces. To travel faster through the terminals and parking lots, there are a number of good transport options at JFK airport, for example, AirTran, offering a ride every two to four minutes, and another – Autolink.

These modes are offered free of charge. You may want to consider other options, such as transportation JFK Airport, JFK car service, JFK limo service and limousine New York, to get to the airport.

The first floor of each terminal you can find cabins that can guide you in choosing the means of land transport, in which you want to stay in New York and around it, as well as at JFK Airport and JFK Airport. Other features that provides the airport – it's a variety of services that capture and entertain the many interests of each visitor or local traveler. There are bank services and information boards to help you solve the problem of housing favorites in which you would like to settle. You can even find the simplest things, such as to buy a bouquet of flowers, get a newspaper or read a book, to gain access to the laptop in the conference rooms, running on Wi-Fi, and even in the short term to highlight shoes. Given all this, for you do not have sufficient reason even leave the airport.

Every year about 48 million visitors have to pass through JFK airport for quite a long stop. With an approximate number of 110 million passengers from about 50 countries a year, a huge number of statistics that happens to land in New York at the time of the stop. Thus, it may be helpful to go through the city and discover the sights and the treasures of the Big Apple as a worthy way to spend time while you wait for your flight.

Stops in the city can last all day. Thus, the ability to move around the city without worrying about the fact that you can go back in time, if your flight is one of the biggest worries of every traveler. Here it is best to serve the New York limos. New York Limousin can save you from traffic, crowds and stress of finding a parking. The town is known for the fact that every day spends six peak hours, a transport system for the population, which is stunning, and the strange design of the earth. However, NYC limousines are the rescuers for those who are just a little to spend on studying the Big Apple. Each driver of the limousine JFK can get around the city with his eyes closed and remember the best routes to avoid traffic.

Another thing is that the driver of the limousine JFK Airport Limo can also act as a wonderful and useful guides on city tourist spots and famous sights. Each driver of the limousine at the airport JFK well as focuses on the cultural background of the city and the historic landscape. Some drivers even multilingual, so they can easily adapt to any possibility that the passenger may be different language and nationality. When ordering a limousine with any reliable and dependable service JFK Limo Service, you can be sure that your money is worth all costs, especially if you have with you when traveling and entertaining driver friendly car service JFK.

JFK Airport limousine can also be useful to help you in terms of planning that you need to do is to find all the attractive events and attractions that you want to see and experience. You can tell the driver their attractions, and they can guide you to the places where it fits your preferences. For example, if you are a history buff, then you will go to the driver of the city's best museums.

Thanks to a packed features and benefits of the New York limousine service, one can travel in style, and enjoy a trip back in time for their scheduled flights. Limousine New York City only offer what is best in terms of elegance, ease of travel and other innovative components. Therefore, if you want to avoid possible cases that may occur during their stay at JFK Airport, think about to get the rental service New York limuzinavay company. Be sure that you will be provided with high-quality support and assistance in terms of land-based trips and timely transportation to JFK airport and out of it.

Secrets of getting very discounted tickets to the theater in New York City

There are so many hidden ways to get cheap, cut and even free tickets to Broadway, off Broadway exit and exit Broadway in New York City … some go for $ 4.00! I lived in New York my whole life and I can share these secrets with a first hand! Here are your choices are only some ways to score discount tickets to the theater on Broadway. Why pay more?

Car Club of America

Show your card and get discounts to Broadway theaters to "Murder language" any exhibition in the Theater of the New Victory (fantastic performances for children), The Lion King (my favorite), Mary Poppins, Radio City Christmas show and a number of others.

Broadway boxing

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Shop, which invented the 100 packs of toilet paper, also brings you up to 50% discounts on concerts, theater and sporting events. If you are a & # 39; a member, sign in using the link above and click Services, and then tickets to events. Who knew? Znizhnyya theater tickets to Broadway at Costco!

entertaining book

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audience hospital

It provides a very low cost, and discounts to Broadway shows for those who require physical accessibility, people with all disabilities and senior guide "On the Road" provides information on discounts for seniors. You will also find useful information, including the place of loading of passengers, theaters, offers seating for wheelchairs, accessible toilets, transportation for people with disabilities in specially designed buses Omni and more.

High 5 Tix

Teenagers can get tickets for $ 5 at a number of theaters, museums and concerts. One adult or friend can accompany every young person for the same 5 dollars! Given that just walk is $ 20 in the Museum of Modern Art (believe it ?!) This is a real find! In addition, Blue Man Tubes represented by 1 cent a few times a year! (No, it's not a bug bugs!) Frequently check their site as popular shows and events diverge very quickly. It is an excellent source for students who are looking for discounts to Broadway theaters plus!

Hip Tiksi

Young professionals aged 18 to 35 years old can get a pre-tickets for $ 20 for any performances in the theater troupe "Around." Membership, which is free, also includes an invitation to a party after the picture with Broadway stars!

The club hit show

Reduced tickets for the theater in Broadway (and off Broadway as well!), In some of the restaurants!

Children's evening on Broadway

Young people between the ages of 6 to 18 years, can see the participants of the show on Broadway FREE when accompanied by an adult paying the full !! Kids Night on Broadway are now year-round and runs on selected Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the year. In addition, the restaurants that participate, offer free antrepraekt for each child accompanied by an adult who buys snacks at regular prices. This is a fantastic opportunity to put children on Broadway. Your children will also benefit, seeing so many other children who love art!

lunch Tix

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New York Show Tickets

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tickets program for school theater

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Get on pavtsene tickets for theater, music, sports, comedy, family and other activities. Simply register your email, and you'll get a notification about the available activities, including numerous discounts on fraternal theater.


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BYLSHE more!

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TDF vouchers

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Theater Development Fund

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theater mania

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Booth TKTS Discount

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theatrical additions

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Trip to the zoo

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Favorite bars and restaurants in the model of New York City

Manhattan – is a magnet for fashion and those who arbitue in many industries, designers, artists, fabrics and agents. Last but not least comes the most visible part: always desirable model. In the city center, in the city center and around the city you will find the durable, more and more young men and women who have eyes, and "Come here, I'm in the side." Towering young beauties from America's heart.

While in New York, people who watch, play sports, if they go to bars, clubs, restaurants and fashionable "the Speaker". For those who are looking for a beautiful view of the high cheekbones and celebrities who aspire to the same, here is our selection of the best NYC bars for revealing fashion models before, during and after a week of fashion in Manhattan.

Red Egg, New York

Red egg – a modern example of traditional Chinese tea house and at the intersection of Chinatown, Nolita and Soho contributes to the diversity of the hips, which attract beautiful people. There are a few spots tucked in Chinatown, which became quite hot for youthful thigh, so it is not surprising that the models flock to Red Egg, given its location. Red Egg began holding dance parties during Fashion Week that attracts models, designers and editors. On Friday and Saturday DJs play anything from R & B Nineties British punk. Red Egg, 202 Center Street, New York, 10013-3613

London bar The London NYC

London New York – a rather stylish hotel in the heart of New York City. Bar beautiful and populated by Manhattan's elite, including models during Fashion Week. Consistently awarded two Michelin stars, when the food you want after a couple of drink, chef Markus Glocker kitchen provides a dining experience not to be forgotten, set in London, New York. It is also intimate. Offering only forty-five seats, designer David Collins has created an intimate atmosphere perfect for any special moment or event. Consistently awarded two Michelin stars. London bar 151 W. 54th St. New York City, NY

Bar on the roof of the Empire Hotel

What is the best way to see Manhattan than from a high perch, surrounded by the beautiful people? Noting the return of Fashion Week, Empire Hotel's rooftop bar is located on the 12th floor offers an impressive view of the Lincoln Center, as well as on Broadway and Columbus Avenue. Sip in style unique martinis "No feed model" Empire. Delicious martini dilution using organic vodka cucumber, cucumber juice, lime juice, simple syrup and peppermint. Empire Hotel has been in partnership with Moise de la Renta (son of Oscar de la Renta) commissioned dresses design to sign for the hotel "after a week of fashion. Empire Hotel 44 W. 63rd St. NY, NY


This East Village subdued lighting too "now" to have a website (and the first rule of modern day arrangements), and at the same time it would be prudent to book. Elsa – a place where a & # 39 are the models and hangers. Elsa 217 East 3rd Street, New York 10009 New York

cabin at the bottom

Easy and definitely fun to find (for pizza) near the 7th and Avenue A and crowded. Below are the best. Great for drinking and watching holidays. Cabin below 132 East 7th Street, NYC 10009

Standard Hotel: Room "Boom-boom", a living room and bergarten

The standard has the market of entertainment celebrities. Here you have tryfekta good times and the people who watch the popular rooms "Boom Boom", "living room" and Kipke taste of Bavaria Birgartena.

Room "Boom Boom" It sits on top of the hotel, provides a wealth, soft skin, the effect of a hot bath, expensive drinks and meat packing. Among the most popular among celebrities and models of the middle class can be difficult to enter. After they will enjoy the view. Not far away New York-based lobby is standard living, The comfortable living room with a view over a large area and a small serving Mediterranean cuisine, counts with wine and cocktails with light pulsations, which rotate in most nights. Little drink? If the popular boom boom impossible to get, you can always try to "Standard" Biergarten. Germany Hofbra under the high line, which presents constantly flowing Stein, girls in lederhozene and classic German menu, complete with hot dogs, bratwurst mit broth and maybe even adhesions.

Smart Tips for Travel cruises

Cruises – one of my favorite ways to see the world. I love to sleep in one country and wake up in another, no need to pack and unpack. Cruise lines operate a range of prices from value to superdorogo. Here sparing travelers, here are some tips to cut costs.

Consider all routes

When most people think of cruises, they think of the Caribbean, on the Mediterranean, and perhaps to Alaska. However, the name oceanic port and, most likely, he will have to swim cruise. And some of these routes can be not only transactions, but also a pleasant surprise. We booked a one day 12-day Baltic cruise from London to St. Petersburg and back for less than the price of tickets from New York to London. It remains one of our favorite cruise.

Bring your own soft drinks

Food is usually included in the price of the cruise (except dining in exclusive restaurants). However, drink, except water, coffee, tea, and if you're lucky, iced tea, come with additional costs. What we are doing is to buy non-alcoholic beverages in the ports (permissible – for alcoholic beverages often have blockage), and then pour them into the glasses.

Make your own tour

We have been on dozens of cruises around the world and made only one organized tour on the ship (on our first cruise). They are expensive, moving forward the pace of the slowest traveler and restrictive. For a well-organized traveler's preferable to do on their own.

One of the tricks that we use is to look at the sights, covering the ship's tours, and include them in our "tour".

Note: Director tours often talk about the horror stories of the passengers did not return to the ship on time. The solution? Leave extra time and first make a far away place.

Great breakfast, late dinner

For a modest increase in the maximum travel time in port is a must. This means, if possible, the choice of the late seating at dinner. In addition, we usually do not eat large meals (if any). Instead, we eat a big breakfast the ship (where the breakfast is free of charge), snack pieces and bites of local food, while on the beach, and then finish the slow late dinner.

Cruise holiday – one of the favorite ways of the humble travelers to see the world. With these tips is a luxury that can fit into the budget travelers.

New York limousines – Take the maximum levels of the maximum number of scheduled airport of New York

As one of the 48 million visitors who annually pass through JFK airport in New York, you may find yourself in a difficult situation in the city a long layoff. Three airports in New York annually serve approximately 110 million passengers from more than 50 countries, and a significant number of them landed in the city as a stop on another continent. Rent a New York limousine – this is a great way to avoid common problems with the passage of time and the most of the time in the "Big Apple."

Release in New York can range from a few hours to a whole day. Such passengers are facing a number of challenges when planning a trip to the city. The biggest concern – to go around the city and return to the airport on time. Passengers staying in New York, also want to visit the best attractions and increase your time in the city. Duration of flight with baggage can also be a problem. Solid New York limuzinavaya company can help in several ways:

New York limousines can help you avoid traffic, subway crowds and parking stress. AAA in New York advises visitors to entrust the management of the residents of the city and experience the car drivers. In a town with procession rush hours every day, overloaded public transport system and confusing and complicated ground-plan, the New York limousines can become the savior of life for passengers, with only a few precious hours to spend in the city. An experienced New York limousine driver not only knows how to deal with traffic, but also knows the city like the back of, and be able to reflect the shortest way to reach your destination.

Your limo driver will quickly orient you to the city. This is especially true for the first and foreign visitors, but all visitors to New York will take some time and support to understand, navigate and negotiate with the complexity and multicultural density of the city. limo driver in New York can be a guide not only to the best attractions of the city, but also for its cultural and linguistic landscape. Zabraniravanne pre-installed in a limousine rental service ensures that you do not waste your precious time to travel to New York, torguyuchy with taxi drivers and asking for advice from the impatient natives at every step of the way.

Limousine services will help you plan your individual trip to New York. The hardest part is landing in the planning of the trip, which is a & # 39 is both attractive and possible, and this is especially true in New York, because there are plenty of events and attractions to choose from. Based on your interests and the length of the passage, the New York company limousine can help you to plan an excursion to the museum of famous museums, such as Metrapalitanski Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History and the Museum of the Lower East meeting. If you want to shop in the city, your limousine will be able to accompany you on Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue and SOHO as efficiently as possible. Your company with the limousine can also direct you to the best restaurants and plan your travel, while maintaining the usual traffic patterns and crowds in major New York City attractions such as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and the Statue of Liberty.

Travel in style with New York limo. New York – a legend, and it is natural and normal for visitors who wish to remember and & # 39; is the "New York". Especially difficult it is for passengers who go into retirement, as they have only a few short hours to spend in the city. New York Limousines offer the highest quality in the class, comfort and advanced capabilities that allows even visitors to eat a bite Big Apple and experience the style and the most modern luxury that makes visitors to New York City to spend almost $ 28 US billion dollars here every year.

Be prepared for unexpected situations and return to the time. Passengers who are working on the rails, can rarely afford to accidents, breakdowns and congestion which is likely to occur in this fast paced and dazzling city. However, there may be unforeseen situation, and the best way to arm – rent a limousine known New York limuzinalnay company. These companies provide great support to all its customers and provide timely and safe arrival at the airport.

Ride in style when you're visiting New York with a luxury limousine

There are many reasons why people find themselves in New York and the neighborhood known as the three states. Some people need to regularly go there on business, while others visit once in a lifetime to remember about the trip. If you're new in town, you need to have a reliable vehicle. Because you are not familiar with the streets or highways, you may want to look into hiring a luxury sedan limousine service.

Most business people enjoy the comfort and ease of a luxury sedan for traveling due to the fact that they can be confident in the knowledge that they will receive the highest level of service for the price. Hire a driver and a luxury sedan in the luxury transport service gives business professionals the time to relax, socialize with phone calls, complete any projects, training in the last minute for a business meeting or any other thing, do not worry about finding your way through the city.

As part of the three countries, there are many limuzinavyh companies, but not all have a professional, efficient and cost-effective way to travel. Some of them provide many years of experience with a reliable, experienced and friendly staff who are happy to ensure that you have the best opportunity. There are pick-up and delivery from all surrounding airports, such as JFK, La Guardia, Newark, Teterboro and Vestchester. These professional rental companies provide various types of limousines limousine for business events, pleasure, weddings, proms or just a night in the city. Safety and reliability is extremely important for these limousine providers. If luxury sedans start at $ 55 per hour, and it takes 2 hours minimum, more and more people prefer to travel in style when visiting this beautiful city, filled with so many places to explore.

Having fun ride in a luxury sedan with a personal, helpful and experienced driver at your disposal, it is an experience that should be used, if ever, they will be in New York.

The most popular destinations in the US

United States – the most diverse, indulgent and exciting peoples around the world, believe it or not, the majority of travelers visiting the United States, with a & # 39 are tourists who want to witness the blessed lifestyle, drawing diverse culture and exciting. natural pleasure scattered on the plateau of the nation. Stretched from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the United States have many towns that are not only popular among the world's tourists, but also in the lead in the trend when it comes to tourism. Thus, for those who want to witness the finest scenes of the United States, here we are with the strangest and most highly rated US vacation spots that are extremely elegant and attractive for travelers of all genres:

1. Washington

US capital known for its perfect flourishing set of bureaucratic land and home of the US President, Washington, DC, with the & # 39 is one of the most exciting and sought after holiday destinations in the entire United States. With the participation of outstanding and world-famous White House, the US Capitol, the Pentagon, Washington Monument and many other sites of legislative bodies, the city gives the most wonderful experience of studying political, cultural and traditional US side. In addition, a wide range of museums and galleries scattered throughout the city, will not allow you to indulge in during the entire trip, and will add a lot of memory in your memory.

2. Phoenix

An exciting holiday destination in the south-western region of the State of Arizona, Phoenix – one of the most tranquil and laid-back places the US holiday, known for its perfectly round solar terms of outward & # 39; I and exciting heritage. The well-known Valley of the Sun, Phoenix – home of a large number of resorts, health centers for the body and a great platform for a range of courses, which makes it even more indulgent than ever. Travelers from around the world are often here to feel the warmth of the sun in those days, and in the night lost in the fun of the Phoenix, visiting a variety of bars and pubs located around the city.

3. Los Angeles

Magic City of the West Coast, which is also a & # 39 is the home of the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles – one of the most popular and prosperous flight options across the nation, which was attended by well-known artists to test your luck and skills among the huge crowd. people who want to shine like a star in the sky. Thanks to the amazing nightlife, a wonderful beach and the relaxed lifestyle, you can plunge into the vast experience of joy and peace. Despite the bustling city, people love to walk through the streets of Los Angeles in the hope to stumble upon your favorite movie star, music or artist. Groups that promote the art and culture of the natives, organize lots of activities, which were an excellent platform to verify the diversity of artistic talent around us.

4. Key West

Ideally situated on the outskirts of the southern tail of Florida, a fascinating beach destination escape Key West & # 39 is one of the most desirable and wonderful leisure options, which are in the eastern region of the US. A wide range of accommodation options, resorts and fascinating stretches of sandy beaches, tourists often visit here to ask for a beach extravaganza and papachytstsa sun, while zmochvayuchysya incredible range of activities available here. A great way of life of this small but picturesque town was a great cause of the great popularity of Key West Youth, which keeps the city all year round and enjoys the young days in this city, which holds the eternal party (metaphorically).

5. New York

Any list that describes the positive and the charm of the United States, just incomplete if it does not include the Big Apple New York. Charming amurbatsyya, which is considered one of the most famous cultural epicenters of the world, New York is listed stray buckets of almost every traveler. Perhaps, the most diverse, indulgent place the United States holiday, New York City each year testifies to the millions of visitors and demonstrate their art, culture, traditions and way of life through a wide variety of fascinating attractions, which include the brilliant horizon, fabulous array of the museum, a variety of art gallery, gala, theater, a beautiful statue of Liberty, Times Square, and many other fascinating places, which can mainly be seen only in the movies.

Although you can visit many more cities such as Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Yosemitsi National Park, Minnesota, Boston, X & # 39; Euston, Honolulu and many other things, but if you are looking for, this is the best experience, you should consider the above-mentioned areas of study related to the most beautiful places that are great with tourists throughout the year, and offers guests the most thriving and exciting vacation experience. Thus, if you want to get the experience and want to visit the most famous, spectacular, beautiful, and the United States a perfect side, all you need is to book your travel plans, pack bags and land to the place of destination of choice for an impressive and stunning recreation in the United States.

Solo travel as a business phenomenon and lifestyle

"A man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait until the other is ready." – Henry David Thoreau

If statistics from & # 39 is any indication, many travelers agree with Torre. A growing number of people traveling on their own, instead of just waiting for the others to join them.

In a single trip in the recent past, there were only 21 million in the US and the UK. According to the New York Times article in November 2012, the Internet search for "solo travel packages" have increased by 60% compared to last year. Travel Management and Tourism (Ministry of Commerce), the United States ( "OTTI") reported that a staggering 42% of the citizens / residents of the US who went abroad in 2011, traveling alone. From these individual travelers 38% traveled for leisure or to visit friends and relatives ( "VFR"), and 66% for business. Similarly solo travelers visiting from overseas accounted for 36.2%. Of these, 23.6% were on vacation, and 62.2% at work. This business and lifestyle phenomenon is growing exponentially.

Who solo travelers?

Single travelers – a much wider group than just lonely people. They can be:

• Couples for two car & # 39; sphere in mission, or "DINK & # 39; S" (double income no kids).

• Relatives and friends abroad.

• Family members & # 39; and engaged in individual sports and hobbies abroad.

Jill Fawcett with Abercrombie & Kent described his solo travelers: "… often married or have a partner, but the couple did not have the same interests … They want to travel with like-minded people, and a small group gives them Thereafter they return to private life own room … 25% of the people who choose our series Extreme Adventure, with & # 39 are (also) solo travelers ", – she said. "People feel a little safer in a group, if recognition point intimidates or there is a language bar & # 39; er". Individual travel is growing rapidly Blog Travel Phil Hoffman, 25.10.11.

According to chairman of Grand Circle Corp Alan Lewis, "women are getting more power in the market of solo travel, where in the past five years, the solo market grew approximately 20% to 25% of the total order (Grand Circle)".

Single travelers still continue to play an active role in the solo travel. Their growth is evident in Europe and North America, where people marry later and divorce may, avdavets or never married. According to an article from the March 19, 2013 under the heading "The growing market of individual travel",, the average single households represent the following:

• 35% of all households in developed countries

• 40% in Finland and Norway (2011)

• 37% in the Netherlands (2011)

• 27% in the US (2010), 29% in the UK (2011) and 28% in Canada (2011).

How to travel solo?

Individual journey may not necessarily mean a journey as a "group of friend." Individuals can choose

1. Conducting group tours

2. Independent tours

3. Travel by yourself and choose their own hotels / tours

What are the problems faced by those who travel alone?

There are two major challenges for the individual traveler.

• Attractive prices: accommodation, tours and cruises are regularly evaluated in double occupancy. For the majority of cruises and tours require a single supplement for those traveling alone. While this is not necessarily 2X, the price difference can be significant. This is most pronounced in the tourist packages, especially on cruises with early advertising promotions "2 due to 1". As a result, those who are traveling alone can pay 3-4X vapors / fumes.

• high-quality access and service: a saturated or vacation traveler tourist season without escort may be provided to the less desirable rooms for living or tables in restaurants. In fact, even 5-star hotels may not wish to take out to dinner alone, even if the individual traveler with a & # 39 is a guest of the hotel. This is especially true on a Saturday night and holidays. An alternative would be sitting at the bar for dinner, despite the fact that there are vacant tables in the dining room. At cruising / river cruises and other rounds to "open seats" is generally set table for even numbers. The result? These travelers are faced with a buffet "standup" or participate in a walk to find an affordable place.

What are the business opportunities?

This travel phenomenon is growing exponentially, and continues to be a lack of a niche. Opportunities for the industry and give significant preference as follows:

Vacationers on vacation: It's the largest percentage of industry revenue. However, a smaller percentage goes alone to rest. Beneficiaries: airlines, hotels, tours, car service and a concierge.

Business travelers: Although a small portion of revenues, a greater percentage of accounts for the business. Moreover, they can have a bigger budget than the physical man on vacation. Except for the tours, the same industry segments benefit, except of potential additions to the international trip.

VFR: Those visiting friends and relatives, can be found at the airport and get access to local transport. During his stay in the private residence of the power can not be taken as often as guests. Accordingly, these travelers will continue to bring new revenue primarily airlines, but is unlikely to be able to increase the cash market of other travel services.

This sector is virtually untapped market. Given the large number of wealthy professionals and business leaders, with the right combination of quality and profitable proposals favorable to both sides. Travel industry to increase their existing income, while those who travel alone, provide more competitive prices and access to higher quality. This is a market whose time has come.