Art Collection hotels in New York City

Although the art and culture lovers think of the great city galleries and exhibition centers, hotels of the area are also often masterpieces that hang on their own walls. Some of the best art collection of hotels can be found among the more famous art galleries in New York. Conference venue, hotel restaurants and suites often has better art than many other municipal museums of the city, and this is one of the few places in North America, where breakfast can be under the eyes of Picasso or Renoir. This article will examine the art collections of the three main hotels in New York: Gramercy Hotel, The James New York and Hotel Chambers.

hotel Gramercy

When people talk about the art collection of hotels, The Gramercy Hotel – one of the first names that come to mind. By any standards, this art collection is impressive, but it's a high-class hotels. Located in the heart of New York, a venue for conferences have Andy Uorlz, corridors and exhibition halls Damien Hirst, and the apartments – Richard Prince. The collection was curated film-director Julian Schnabel's movie, which received the award "Oscar". This hotel offers some works of art of the 20th century.

James New York

The art collection in the James New York brought together artist and curator Matthew Jenson and unique in that it is built largely on the talents of New York artists. The conference venue and gallery of the hotel are connected to what is called a "program of arts corridor", where visitors can get acquainted with the works of artists from local studios, as well as learn about new developments in the artistic trends of the town – is located on the pulse of New York's Soho, hotel & # 39 is a great base for your trip to learn about the culture and art of the city. They have created a specialist in the forefront of Helmut Lang and curator of architecture Brad Pitt to create beautiful and unique buildings. Lovers of science and technology, inspired by the arts, will be stunned by a permanent art installation Sarah Frost _Qwerty_, made from recycled vintage keyboards.

hotel Chambers

This hotel – a wonderful experience for art lovers traveling to New York. Conference venue, guest corridors and is in a special order, created by local artists of the city. Five-meter-high strawberry flowers make murals in the hotel corridor, the walls are decorated with modern primitivist, contemporary, abstract and expressionist works by artists such as Catherine Gross, John Nyusan, John Waters, Sheila Pop and Nina Bovasso. In addition, each room for guests has a separate site, which was commissioned especially for this space. Hotel curators claim that "art and life journeys of life" on the & # 39; together for the elevation.

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