Greetings from New York – the first impression of the Big Apple


So yesterday morning our flight American Airways (booked for free with my Airmiles) left at 7:13 am to take us to the Big Apple, a place that I have always admired, but only twice in his life visited, and it more than 10 years ago.

Only flight over NYC was an experience itself, seeing all the skyscrapers of Manhattan, the various bridges that connect the mainland with the island, and soon after the flight through the prison on Rikers Island, we landed at the airport of La Guardia, in fact, in a small airport. compared to Toronto

Our luggage came out as soon as possible, and we caught a few weeks long transit passes (a pretty good deal for $ 24 US for unlimited travel for a week), and we started our trip to Brooklyn. One bus (through a mostly Latin area in Queens) and one travel on the metro (in Manhattan) later we were in our beautiful bed and breakfast in the posh area, south of Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Since we did not know the area and the website B & B provided just a tiny little map, we have chosen the wrong subway line to a & # 39; to go, and we had to walk about half an hour to find accommodation, but it gave us a good look at this part of Brooklyn.

This area with stately homes and houses that stand about a century. Magnolia and cherry trees are blooming everywhere and gardens carefully stored here. Our quarter Brooke feels very safe, and we need to meet our hosts with breakfasts and lunches: very hospitable and outgoing couple in the 40s by the name of Harry and Bibi. They showed us to our room, a beautiful room on the third floor of this spacious house, with a shared bathroom.

In fact, the whole house was transformed into a guesthouse and has 8 bedrooms, 2nd and 3rd floor of the house has a kitchen and sleeping areas, and it actually promotes a comfortable stay, as it feels more like the presence of his own apartment. And not just rent a room.

Before from & # 39 entrance I thoroughly studied the accommodation options in New York, and by looking at all the options (hotels, hostels, guest houses), I decided that the option B & B will be the most convenient route. A night at 90.00 US dollars it certainly proved to be one of the most affordable options and a great base to start exploring New York City …

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