Four ways to see New York


Views of New York has long been assumed to be among the best in the world of urban and densely populated areas, but where it is best to see New York?

From the air, on the sidewalk, there are many ways to see the Big Apple, and this guide will walk you through the fantastic views that can be obtained from the New York festival.

From Empire State Building

No one can visit the city that never sleeps without a trip to the Empire State Building and offers a unique view of one of the most iconic landmarks of the city, it also offers one of the best ways to see New York.

In the near future up to 1500 feet in height, the Empire State Building offers spectacular views from the top, where visitors can stand where the last was shot so many television and kinaperadach, including King Kong and the "Sleepless" in Seattle. The queue for the chance to see such legendary species may be the only place in the journey, and so many outstanding ticket operators offer skip tickets, which allow visitors to save waiting half an hour.

on top of the cliff

For those visiting in the winter, few places have overcome the famous Rockefeller Center for a unique view of the city. Stylish platform for viewing outdoors Top of Rock, which was built in 1930, still offers the same incredible views, and that all those years ago, despite the fact that many even boasts that offers the best views than the Empire State Building.

From the air

While these stationary landmark building offers beautiful views of New York, did not get a helicopter tour of the Grand apple. Journey to the Empire State Building or the Rockefeller Center gives the opportunity to experience some of the beautiful monuments of the city firsthand tour by helicopter offer views of all the major attractions, offering an incredible once in a lifetime experience that provides an excellent memory of your time in the city.

On the floor

If the height – not your thing, then there are many more options to find the best views of New York. Open top bus – just one of the ways to see the bright lights of New York's close, not getting to the horizon. Some bus tickets even offer the option of a ticket for a jump to jump, allowing visitors to jump on the bus, if you will, if they want somewhere to explore on foot, they can!

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