Visit New York On The Cheap


Travel New York cheap:

New York has an excellent public transport system. Unlike other cities, the subway system runs all night and is not divided into zones – a ticket to a $ 2.00 can take you on the street, or in any of the other cities. Cheapest way to travel on the subway – is the subway for a day or a week. Day pass will cost you $ 7 or $ 24 for a week pass, and you'll get an unlimited number of subway and local buses (but not express buses). The best place to buy your Metrocard – computer & # 39; yuteryzavanyya kiosks located in most stations. These kiosks allow you to pay with debit and credit cards as well as cash.

You can also use Metrocard bus in Manhattan, and although they are not always the fastest, they can give you a beautiful view of the city. Catch the bus M1,2,3 or 4 on 106 th Street and 5 th Avenue on the Upper East and traveling through the city center park. Along 5th Avenue you will get a beautiful view of the park and some of the most beautiful apartment houses in the city.

~ Dreams Cheap in New York:

Planning a trip to New York City, hostels choice can be overwhelming. All recommended dorms are large and can offer something different. Think about what is important to you, and choose the one that fits your style. We, in particular, are as follows:

* Wanderers Inn East – Located on the upper east Manhetansa, this is a great place to lay your head while you're in town. The hostel is located in a converted town house in a safe neighborhood that gives the traveler a sense of real New Yorkers. The hostel has both dormitory rooms and private rooms. The rooms in the hostel – from $ 26, and some – from $ 75. Complimentary breakfast here – it is also a great program.

* Chelsea International – is a hostel located on the street quite close to all central stocks. Although the free breakfast is not offered in the environment have a kitchen area and free pizza

night. There is also a nice courtyard to socialize and meet other travelers. The rooms in the hostel without bathrooms are paying for 28 dollars a night, and in the residential rooms with bathroom – $ 32. Private rooms are available at $ 70 per night.

~ Free things in New York:

* Staten Island Ferry – To get a great view of the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island Ferry Use

the lower tip of Manhattan to Steten island. To get the best view, go to one of the outer decks of the ferry. The ferry is free, and you will have the opportunity to talk with real New Yorkers. Go to the subway at South-Paris or Whitehall Street to facilitate the easiest access to the ferry.

* Central Park – Central Park – it is a huge oasis in the heart of Manhattan. it relaxes

a break from the city to stroll through the different areas of the park. There are many ways to study with scenic views of luxury apartment buildings bordering the park.

* Horse Island – This famous and historical walk around the board, located in Brooklyn, with & # 39 is an interesting visit

the summer months. Check out some of the famous side shows, old rides, original Nathan's hot dogs and pizza Tatan.

Happy travels!

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