Smart tips for traveling in air fares

An important part of the budget covers travel transport, and it often involves flights. Gentle traveler does more than keep an eye on the Internet for discounts. He is looking for more creative ways to stretch travel dollars.

Using free stops Overs

When we first traveled to the hubbub in Australia, we flew to New Zealand. Why? Because the airline offered a free stop in its center in New Zealand. We have never seen the country and is still planning her trip. Thus, we did not have to pay for airline tickets in and out.

The second time we traveled to Australia, we flew Air Tahiti Nui. This airline has offered, you guessed it, free stop in Tahiti on the way to the road and back. Another place that we always wanted to visit.

hidden city

Free stopping – an advantage that is open offer some airlines. Hidden city nereklamuyutstsa not only, but also actively interfere with the airlines. However, they can be a great savings for sparing travelers.

An example of this with a & # 39 is a trip from New York to Las Vegas. Sometimes a flight from New York to Los Angeles is cheaper, but this is the flight stops in Las Vegas to pick up more passengers. So it does not allow the budget traveler soon reach the destination he or she wants to visit?

A few things … The luggage will be sent to a special place, so the trick is only for passengers. Also, the flyer must remember that the return ticket must start on its actual location.


For flexible, simple traveler, hit a fly – it's like winning the lottery travel. There is usually a compensation plus you allow someone else who really need time to get to your destination.

Travelers who know the rules, know the proposed compensation (check the carrier's website), the following flights are aware (beware for carriers flying once a week), and can weigh it against violations of plans. My husband and I always decide before you arrive at the airport (early, so we have a boarding pass, to give), it is worth it or not. Thus we can be the first to offer their seats.

There are ways to increase the chances of running, the easiest way to book a flight is completely full (usually later flight of the day).

Air travel should not fall on budget travel. Thanks to some monitoring sites with discounts and the use of creative, frugal traveler can get more for less.

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