Holiday planning to travel to China


When you start to make plans for the summer, make sure that you have included in the list of China. I'll tell you why.

First of all, we all know China as a beautiful country with a unique culture, which is difficult to understand; However, you may want to find the answers this summer to go to China. If you are worried about the language bar & # 39; er, there is always the possibility to choose a reliable travel agent to help you plan the itinerary. They arrange everything from hotel accommodation, guides and transportation in China, so you do not have to worry about any problems during your holiday. With his experience in the Chinese tourism industry and 25 of the & # 39 objects Chinese heritage, inscribed on UNESCO's list of reliable China tour operators have travel packages specially designed to meet your visit the most beautiful cities in China.

Popular destinations in China have different sights and attractions, so plan trips to China is important. The usual tourist package, which acquired many tourists, with & # 39 is the Beijing-Xian-Shanghai. This excursion package allows you to learn and see the historic city of Beijing and its famous monuments; You can also see the Terracotta Army and the great weather of wild geese in Xian and finally explore the shopping streets of cosmopolitan Shanghai.

Beijing, the capital of the country is known for its historical sites and monuments, which include the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Great Wall (China, travel icon), Temple of Heaven, and National Museum. This museum has all the necessary materials to learn about the history and culture of China. In his spare time, you can taste the special delicacies of Beijing & # 150; & # 147; roast duck & # 148; and witness a typical Beijing Opera. Peking Opera is an art – and cultural show demonstrating the combination of singing, recitals, acrobatics, dance and martial arts to tell the story. This show, which you need to be a witness when traveling to Beijing.

If you have been to New York, you can imagine what it looks like Shanghai. This city – one of the oldest cities in China, which combines a mix of modern and old stylish buildings. Being the financial center of China, it boasts of attractive sky scrapers on the north-eastern section in Pudong, and Release is the old stylish architecture; This contrasts – something that adds to the beauty of Shanghai. It's like the old town in a new city.

What can be done in Shanghai, includes shopping on the famous Nanjing Road, visit the Oriental Pearl Tower and talk on a walk through the streets of the French Concession area.

Xi'an – the ancient imperial city of China. This site terracotta army soldiers, who are considered the eighth wonder of the world. One of the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century, these warriors – a picture of the work and skill of China.

Yunnan – one of the provinces in China, is very susceptible to tourists and foreigners; this is due to the mild climate and peaceful environment, which is always there. Yunnan ethnic minorities, known for their excellent landscape with pristine natural resources, impassable terrain and a rich cultural history, with a & # 39 is one of its greatest treasures. This province – a melting pot of different cultures and ethnic tribes from across China.

Often said that China & # 39; is a global tourist destination; Besides hiking in Tibet Plain, Yangshuo and Guilin – a spy capital of China. With vysakagor & # 39; families, plateaus, caves and beautiful river Lijiang, adventure lovers are guaranteed to have a great time discovering the natural wonders of Guilin and Yanshuo.

So much to do, so much to eat and so much to experience during a trip to China; it is not enough to describe in words, so it is recommended to experience China firsthand.

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