Biting into the Big Apple


If someone is considering a trip to New York, they usually believe in the leading tourist destinations such as the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. These sights, although timeless and really New York, can consume a significant chunk of the time and can not be so great for the visitor as new offerings of the metropolis. With less idea and planning individual traveler, couple or household can place more enjoyable (and perhaps more relaxed) than any chain.

The best thing to do when planning a trip to New York – this style of travel; With the three major airports serving the region, there may be differences, which airline to use if you need to avoid a particular airport, or to prefer. (JFK is considered to be almost difficult to participate and departure, while some believe that Newark is too far.) However, in spite of the availability of shuttles into the soil up to the middle of the city center you can get a little more than US $ 50. If you want to press, it is important to stop to learn, not a hotel, which is considered offers parking and price. Hotels may accuse upward to $ 40 per day, with no privileges at checkout / check-out, and a national park with a high rate may be all that close. This knowledge can be differences in the choice of hotels and can significantly change the assessment of the price.

Be aware that most of the tiny and medium-sized hotel in perfect zones in a relatively accessible and safe areas require at least $ 200 per night. Sometimes you may discover discounts on weekends or through AAA, but in extreme cases it is just 20. If you make higher taxes, it may change the number of days that you can consider.

If the price or position does not cause major problems, you have a choice of hotel. In the city center there are tiny "boutique" hotels (with street number and areas to the south of them) that can accommodate up to 2 guests in the room. You will discover converted homes in urban areas (more than 60) that seem charming, but offer a shared bath. There are classes in the boarding school for students is as simple as a network of wealth, rooms that begin with more than $ 400 per night. In the city center (about 30 th to 60 th street, almost every hotel is within walking distance to the largest number of entertainment, dining, shopping and tourist zones are introduced anywhere). Manhattan areas are not in the city center. Even when visiting for the weekend, if you want to Greenwich Village, Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown, the city center (in the southern seaport or in financial centers), or in the center (Metropolitan Museum), taking taxis traffic will spend the best trade Minute . Metro can get to you in less than 15 minutes, which can significantly increase the time to humor when you do not have to walk 20 minutes to the station and to her.

If you have a hotel and travel arrangements at the right price, the following measure is to ask yourself what exactly you want to do. If you want to see the museum, you can select a few, and then stop the Internet to get new ideas. If you have a Broadway display that you are considering, you have to determine whether to buy tickets in advance on the internet (and pay the service fee, plus, they can not be exchanged) or to take time from his vacation to get half of the ticket price. (A lot of the show is now more than $ 100 per ticket, although some online dyskaunery live.) In any case, the show you need to plan your schedule in advance to have much time for lunch and a trip to the theater; in New York, you'll be surprised how often takes all! (Remember that almost all museums and theaters are closed on Mondays.)

Shopping set up everywhere in New York. Architect stores with higher prices are set on the 5th Avenue. and throughout midtown, but areas in the city center offer a little expensive clothes, which can be considered fashionable. Transactions on accessories can be customized kiosks Chinatowns, and the days can be lived in only one of the many department stores.

Some of the most interesting and free attractions that you can not miss, – Ground Zero, Grand Central Station, Central Park, Rockefeller Center and the Trump Tower.

Elegant dining is more expensive than in new areas of the nation; but there are chains, delis and thousands of cultural snacks, which can detect a snack respectable nutrient at prices that are not from the & # 39 are unfounded. (If the potential of bringing snacks from home, it can save a surprising amount of money.)

Termination at any leading hotel provides approach to tourist informational brochures and a concierge. For most regions of New Yorkers are useful when it comes to giving directions and advice.

It goes without saying that during the same tour, you must see places in the same general region. Although you may not believe it, it's not a simple problem to move from the city to the city center or still cross the city. Selecting several hours in New York a traveler on the time information, the opening address and will help immensely.

Once again to talk with a man who was recently in New York. These experiences may have differences that you may want to do. Be aware that most of the known attractions ever packed and expensive, and they may come to the moment of noon. If time is limited, you can focus on what you and those around you most enjoy. Finally, planning their activities, rest assured that "falls" in normal times. The sheer size and variety of the metropolis can win, and you will be very fond of my evenings, if you go for a short break in the afternoon.

Wherever you came to Manhattan, you are sure to experience this in New York. To love the preference of a large apple, take comfortable shoes, the existing mentality and a sense of escape.

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