Where to find the offers for your holiday – on search tools to compare Manual, Appendix discounts on travel and more

[ad_1] There are many ways to find deals on holiday these days. An ordinary man who has ever had access to tickets and discounts at hotels, are now easily view and compare many lucrative offers for business trips, vacation packages, cruises and much more. If you're wondering where to find suggestions for relaxation, you have […]

European tourists annoy the citizens of New York

[ad_1] This year, the strong euro has allowed Europeans to travel to the United States for half of their Christmas shopping. According to the Department of Tourism, the city was visited by about 1.3 million foreigners. Philip Kasinits, culture researcher and historian from Hunter College, New York University, said that tourists never welcomed in this […]

Greetings from New York – the first impression of the Big Apple

[ad_1] So yesterday morning our flight American Airways (booked for free with my Airmiles) left at 7:13 am to take us to the Big Apple, a place that I have always admired, but only twice in his life visited, and it more than 10 years ago. Only flight over NYC was an experience itself, seeing […]

Visiting New York City – attractions that you want to see!

[ad_1] In New York, every year is visited by millions of international tourists in the electric atmosphere, and exciting attractions. Below are some of the essential places that tourists simply can not afford to miss during a visit to New York – Statue of Liberty: Statue of Liberty at the same time acts as the […]