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New York – a popular place that receives nearly 50 million visitors annually. People travel from all over the world to visit the unofficial capital of North America, a brilliant cosmopolitan lifestyle and a diverse culture, as well as its rich social and political history.

Whether for the world-renowned cuisine, as well as for religious excursions, tourists flock to New York year after year. Two million of them continue to visit one of the most famous sites of New York Harbor – Ellis Island.

Ellis Island, located on the Hudson River, acted as an immigration station from 1892 to one thousand nine hundred fifty-four year. The first immigrants was Annie Moore – 15-year-old girl from Cork – who first passed through the gates of January 1; the last in 1954, was a Norwegian seaman Arne Pitersen.

Now owned by the federal government, Ellis Island has been privately owned by Samuel Ellis in the 1770s. Before becoming a federal immigration station, which is more commonly known, Ellis Island had a number of names and perform a number of different purposes. Previously, it was called the island of the rich oyster beds of oysters, Kioshk from local Indian tribes, which means island Seagull island Anderson and Dir. The island served as a colonial outpost, support wartime composition and ammunition, while in 1892 it was not converted into a receiving station for the emigration of the population.

Immigrants that are normally handled by the Department of Immigration Castle Garden, which operated from 1855 to 1890, in Manhattan, now had to be transferred via Ellis, who was a great mix.

Alice was created mainly with the help of artificial landfill, which is nine-tenths of the modern island. As soon as the island has grown over the years from 3.3 hectares to 27.5 acres, any disputes over its jurisdiction. Since more than 83 percent of the island falls in the area of ​​New Jersey, and the rest – in New York, there were numerous legal hassles, to determine the direct ownership. Despite the fact that the edict of 1834 declared that the two states share the ownership of the island, in the judgment of the Supreme Court in 1998, it was announced that New Jersey is responsible for all parts of the island, created after the 1834 today, New Jersey and New York share the ownership of the island, which, after Lyndon Johnson Declaration in 1965 was transferred to the US national park Service, which tends to it with the New York harbor and other famous sights as part of the monument to the statue of Liberty.

She immigration station was designed by Edward and William Lippinkotam Tyltanam Eltsyfronam Baryngam, both of which have been recognized for design at the Paris Exposition in 1900. Over the years its iconic Grand Hall and close bedrooms for immigrants had 12 million men, women and children. . During the peak of immigration to North America in 1907 for Ellis Island it has been almost 1.5 million immigrants.

With millions who hope, two percent were denied immigrant status, their refusal was nicknamed Alice Island tears. Failure made primarily within the health care, whether it is for obvious reasons of illness or insanity, or when they happened criminal past. However, among those who have achieved success, 3000 people died on Ellis Island in the hospital.

Immigration procedures have allowed public health officials to determine who is suitable to enter the United States, and 20-second medical examination considered sufficient for the emergence of inquiries about the health of people, whether it be for reasons of the heart, hernia or con & # 39; yuktyvitu, which was later recorded the challenge of a jacket or a jacket, sending them to isolation, detention or dismissal. In general, the process took only two to five hours, and many people could enter the United States for a relatively short time compared to the heavy trip on the corners of the globe.

Immigrants came from Asia, Europe and Russia, always mixing faith, religion and culture. As a result, nearly half of all Americans can trace its something & # 39; u a relative, who drove through the port of New York's Ellis Island. Famous names that have passed through the Great Hall – Opera Enrico Caruso, zabavlyalnik Bob Hope, directed by Frank Capra, actress Klavdet Colbert, cosmetologist Max Factor and physicist Albert Einstein.

While millions of immigrants were sent to the United States through Ellis annually, currently millions of tourists choose flights to New York and continue to visit Ellis Island each year.

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