Study of Inwood Hill Park – the old growth forest in New York


In addition, it is the only natural (unordered) Park on the island of Manhattan, the trees in the park Inwood Hill were not cut from the end of the 1700s, when US troops built Fort Cox.

Popular folklore says that Peter Minuit made legendary purchase of Manhattan Island from the Lenape residents living here in 1624; Innvud Hill officially became a New York City park in 1916, saving more than just native trees.

path network allows you to explore the park as a historical and natural adventures. Caves in which lived the original inhabitants of the Lenape, – a great way to beat the summer heat. At dawn or dusk salty marshes ideal for bird watching – in this urban reserve is easy to watch the gates, water birds and migratory species. There is also a nature center with interactive exhibits and newly built shelter in Algonkin style.

Watch immature bald eagle sitting on a branch for three or four minutes before you spread your wings in flight – this is my idea to spend a summer day in New York. It was one of my trips dissipated.

berry season was not good, but each salad that I eat has more wild foods – lambs quarter, the Asian day flower, sorrel, purslane, wild garlic, mustard seed – the cultural vegetables.

I really go out of the woods to enjoy some of the other offerings in Manhattan, but the presence of Inwood Hill Park as a temporary court convinces me that New York was able to offer the best of both worlds.

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