Solo travel as a business phenomenon and lifestyle

"A man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait until the other is ready." – Henry David Thoreau

If statistics from & # 39 is any indication, many travelers agree with Torre. A growing number of people traveling on their own, instead of just waiting for the others to join them.

In a single trip in the recent past, there were only 21 million in the US and the UK. According to the New York Times article in November 2012, the Internet search for "solo travel packages" have increased by 60% compared to last year. Travel Management and Tourism (Ministry of Commerce), the United States ( "OTTI") reported that a staggering 42% of the citizens / residents of the US who went abroad in 2011, traveling alone. From these individual travelers 38% traveled for leisure or to visit friends and relatives ( "VFR"), and 66% for business. Similarly solo travelers visiting from overseas accounted for 36.2%. Of these, 23.6% were on vacation, and 62.2% at work. This business and lifestyle phenomenon is growing exponentially.

Who solo travelers?

Single travelers – a much wider group than just lonely people. They can be:

• Couples for two car & # 39; sphere in mission, or "DINK & # 39; S" (double income no kids).

• Relatives and friends abroad.

• Family members & # 39; and engaged in individual sports and hobbies abroad.

Jill Fawcett with Abercrombie & Kent described his solo travelers: "… often married or have a partner, but the couple did not have the same interests … They want to travel with like-minded people, and a small group gives them Thereafter they return to private life own room … 25% of the people who choose our series Extreme Adventure, with & # 39 are (also) solo travelers ", – she said. "People feel a little safer in a group, if recognition point intimidates or there is a language bar & # 39; er". Individual travel is growing rapidly Blog Travel Phil Hoffman, 25.10.11.

According to chairman of Grand Circle Corp Alan Lewis, "women are getting more power in the market of solo travel, where in the past five years, the solo market grew approximately 20% to 25% of the total order (Grand Circle)".

Single travelers still continue to play an active role in the solo travel. Their growth is evident in Europe and North America, where people marry later and divorce may, avdavets or never married. According to an article from the March 19, 2013 under the heading "The growing market of individual travel",, the average single households represent the following:

• 35% of all households in developed countries

• 40% in Finland and Norway (2011)

• 37% in the Netherlands (2011)

• 27% in the US (2010), 29% in the UK (2011) and 28% in Canada (2011).

How to travel solo?

Individual journey may not necessarily mean a journey as a "group of friend." Individuals can choose

1. Conducting group tours

2. Independent tours

3. Travel by yourself and choose their own hotels / tours

What are the problems faced by those who travel alone?

There are two major challenges for the individual traveler.

• Attractive prices: accommodation, tours and cruises are regularly evaluated in double occupancy. For the majority of cruises and tours require a single supplement for those traveling alone. While this is not necessarily 2X, the price difference can be significant. This is most pronounced in the tourist packages, especially on cruises with early advertising promotions "2 due to 1". As a result, those who are traveling alone can pay 3-4X vapors / fumes.

• high-quality access and service: a saturated or vacation traveler tourist season without escort may be provided to the less desirable rooms for living or tables in restaurants. In fact, even 5-star hotels may not wish to take out to dinner alone, even if the individual traveler with a & # 39 is a guest of the hotel. This is especially true on a Saturday night and holidays. An alternative would be sitting at the bar for dinner, despite the fact that there are vacant tables in the dining room. At cruising / river cruises and other rounds to "open seats" is generally set table for even numbers. The result? These travelers are faced with a buffet "standup" or participate in a walk to find an affordable place.

What are the business opportunities?

This travel phenomenon is growing exponentially, and continues to be a lack of a niche. Opportunities for the industry and give significant preference as follows:

Vacationers on vacation: It's the largest percentage of industry revenue. However, a smaller percentage goes alone to rest. Beneficiaries: airlines, hotels, tours, car service and a concierge.

Business travelers: Although a small portion of revenues, a greater percentage of accounts for the business. Moreover, they can have a bigger budget than the physical man on vacation. Except for the tours, the same industry segments benefit, except of potential additions to the international trip.

VFR: Those visiting friends and relatives, can be found at the airport and get access to local transport. During his stay in the private residence of the power can not be taken as often as guests. Accordingly, these travelers will continue to bring new revenue primarily airlines, but is unlikely to be able to increase the cash market of other travel services.

This sector is virtually untapped market. Given the large number of wealthy professionals and business leaders, with the right combination of quality and profitable proposals favorable to both sides. Travel industry to increase their existing income, while those who travel alone, provide more competitive prices and access to higher quality. This is a market whose time has come.

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