Solo travel as a business phenomenon and lifestyle


"A man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait until the other is ready." – Henry David Thoreau

If statistics from & # 39 is any indication, many travelers agree with Torre. A growing number of people traveling on their own, instead of just waiting for the others to join them.

In a single trip in the recent past, there were only 21 million in the US and the UK. According to the New York Times article in November 2012, the Internet search for "solo travel packages" have increased by 60% compared to last year. Travel Management and Tourism (Ministry of Commerce), the United States ( "OTTI") reported that a staggering 42% of the citizens / residents of the US who went abroad in 2011, traveling alone. From these individual travelers 38% traveled for leisure or to visit friends and relatives ( "VFR"), and 66% for business. Similarly solo travelers visiting from overseas accounted for 36.2%. Of these, 23.6% were on vacation, and 62.2% at work. This business and lifestyle phenomenon is growing exponentially.

Who solo travelers?

Single travelers – a much wider group than just lonely people. They can be:

• Couples for two car & # 39; sphere in mission, or "DINK & # 39; S" (double income no kids).

• Relatives and friends abroad.

• Family members & # 39; and engaged in individual sports and hobbies abroad.

Jill Fawcett with Abercrombie & Kent described his solo travelers: "… often married or have a partner, but the couple did not have the same interests … They want to travel with like-minded people, and a small group gives them Thereafter they return to private life own room … 25% of the people who choose our series Extreme Adventure, with & # 39 are (also) solo travelers ", – she said. "People feel a little safer in a group, if recognition point intimidates or there is a language bar & # 39; er". Individual travel is growing rapidly Blog Travel Phil Hoffman, 25.10.11.

According to chairman of Grand Circle Corp Alan Lewis, "women are getting more power in the market of solo travel, where in the past five years, the solo market grew approximately 20% to 25% of the total order (Grand Circle)".

Single travelers still continue to play an active role in the solo travel. Their growth is evident in Europe and North America, where people marry later and divorce may, avdavets or never married. According to an article from the March 19, 2013 under the heading "The growing market of individual travel",, the average single households represent the following:

• 35% of all households in developed countries

• 40% in Finland and Norway (2011)

• 37% in the Netherlands (2011)

• 27% in the US (2010), 29% in the UK (2011) and 28% in Canada (2011).

How to travel solo?

Individual journey may not necessarily mean a journey as a "group of friend." Individuals can choose

1. Conducting group tours

2. Independent tours

3. Travel by yourself and choose their own hotels / tours

What are the problems faced by those who travel alone?

There are two major challenges for the individual traveler.

• Attractive prices: accommodation, tours and cruises are regularly evaluated in double occupancy. For the majority of cruises and tours require a single supplement for those traveling alone. While this is not necessarily 2X, the price difference can be significant. This is most pronounced in the tourist packages, especially on cruises with early advertising promotions "2 due to 1". As a result, those who are traveling alone can pay 3-4X vapors / fumes.

• high-quality access and service: a saturated or vacation traveler tourist season without escort may be provided to the less desirable rooms for living or tables in restaurants. In fact, even 5-star hotels may not wish to take out to dinner alone, even if the individual traveler with a & # 39 is a guest of the hotel. This is especially true on a Saturday night and holidays. An alternative would be sitting at the bar for dinner, despite the fact that there are vacant tables in the dining room. At cruising / river cruises and other rounds to "open seats" is generally set table for even numbers. The result? These travelers are faced with a buffet "standup" or participate in a walk to find an affordable place.

What are the business opportunities?

This travel phenomenon is growing exponentially, and continues to be a lack of a niche. Opportunities for the industry and give significant preference as follows:

Vacationers on vacation: It's the largest percentage of industry revenue. However, a smaller percentage goes alone to rest. Beneficiaries: airlines, hotels, tours, car service and a concierge.

Business travelers: Although a small portion of revenues, a greater percentage of accounts for the business. Moreover, they can have a bigger budget than the physical man on vacation. Except for the tours, the same industry segments benefit, except of potential additions to the international trip.

VFR: Those visiting friends and relatives, can be found at the airport and get access to local transport. During his stay in the private residence of the power can not be taken as often as guests. Accordingly, these travelers will continue to bring new revenue primarily airlines, but is unlikely to be able to increase the cash market of other travel services.

This sector is virtually untapped market. Given the large number of wealthy professionals and business leaders, with the right combination of quality and profitable proposals favorable to both sides. Travel industry to increase their existing income, while those who travel alone, provide more competitive prices and access to higher quality. This is a market whose time has come.

5 fun things that can be done in Monroe New York


Monroe New York – a colorful village and city in Orange County, New York. Initially, the settlement city in 1799, and later renamed the Monroe after President James Monroe in 1818, Monroe is located about one hour from New York City. The community is still in demand today because of the numerous lakes and the park Great central location and close proximity to shopping and entertainment. Here are five fun things to you when you are in Monroe, New York:

Walk on the Monroe ponds – a long point for the fitness community because of the large steps that envelops the Monroe ponds in the village center, the Monroe ponds takes you to the newly completed theater in the city park to the airport and the main village street.

A visit to the museum village – Taking the history of the area, Village Village Museum takes a blacksmith, manual printing shop, shop brooms and school house from the beginning of the 1800s. There are many activities that you can choose, and everyone in the family & # 39; and that like.

Go to the annual Cheese Festival – Annual festival of cheese – it's entertainment products in the region. Originally the festival was created to celebrate the rich history of the preparation of cheese in the village, including the humble is the starting point for Velveeta cheese. Today, the holiday lasts many cheeses to try a variety of local businesses, to try to walk through the village.

Go shopping at the usual outlets Woodbury – home to more than two hundred and twenty designer stores, including Saks Off 5th Avenue, Gucci, Prada and Coach. Every year there are visitors who come to the tens of thousands to buy in Woodbury Common an informal national day of sales, Black Friday.

Take a hike on the mountain Medvedichskuyu – bear on the mountain is expected many recreational options, including hiking, swimming, camping and picnics. During the winter months you can find skaters and skiers onto the slopes of the mountain bear.

Monroe New York is ideal for day trips from New York City, with its access to transit MetroNorth, regular bus lines, which go to the city, and easy access to major interstate settlements, passing through New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. People who aspire to a more quiet room lifestyle in Monroe, will find plenty of homes to choose from, like the lakeside promenade, luxury real estate properties and conveniently located apartments and townhouses.

Study of Inwood Hill Park – the old growth forest in New York


In addition, it is the only natural (unordered) Park on the island of Manhattan, the trees in the park Inwood Hill were not cut from the end of the 1700s, when US troops built Fort Cox.

Popular folklore says that Peter Minuit made legendary purchase of Manhattan Island from the Lenape residents living here in 1624; Innvud Hill officially became a New York City park in 1916, saving more than just native trees.

path network allows you to explore the park as a historical and natural adventures. Caves in which lived the original inhabitants of the Lenape, – a great way to beat the summer heat. At dawn or dusk salty marshes ideal for bird watching – in this urban reserve is easy to watch the gates, water birds and migratory species. There is also a nature center with interactive exhibits and newly built shelter in Algonkin style.

Watch immature bald eagle sitting on a branch for three or four minutes before you spread your wings in flight – this is my idea to spend a summer day in New York. It was one of my trips dissipated.

berry season was not good, but each salad that I eat has more wild foods – lambs quarter, the Asian day flower, sorrel, purslane, wild garlic, mustard seed – the cultural vegetables.

I really go out of the woods to enjoy some of the other offerings in Manhattan, but the presence of Inwood Hill Park as a temporary court convinces me that New York was able to offer the best of both worlds.

New York – Gateway to America


New York – a popular place that receives nearly 50 million visitors annually. People travel from all over the world to visit the unofficial capital of North America, a brilliant cosmopolitan lifestyle and a diverse culture, as well as its rich social and political history.

Whether for the world-renowned cuisine, as well as for religious excursions, tourists flock to New York year after year. Two million of them continue to visit one of the most famous sites of New York Harbor – Ellis Island.

Ellis Island, located on the Hudson River, acted as an immigration station from 1892 to one thousand nine hundred fifty-four year. The first immigrants was Annie Moore – 15-year-old girl from Cork – who first passed through the gates of January 1; the last in 1954, was a Norwegian seaman Arne Pitersen.

Now owned by the federal government, Ellis Island has been privately owned by Samuel Ellis in the 1770s. Before becoming a federal immigration station, which is more commonly known, Ellis Island had a number of names and perform a number of different purposes. Previously, it was called the island of the rich oyster beds of oysters, Kioshk from local Indian tribes, which means island Seagull island Anderson and Dir. The island served as a colonial outpost, support wartime composition and ammunition, while in 1892 it was not converted into a receiving station for the emigration of the population.

Immigrants that are normally handled by the Department of Immigration Castle Garden, which operated from 1855 to 1890, in Manhattan, now had to be transferred via Ellis, who was a great mix.

Alice was created mainly with the help of artificial landfill, which is nine-tenths of the modern island. As soon as the island has grown over the years from 3.3 hectares to 27.5 acres, any disputes over its jurisdiction. Since more than 83 percent of the island falls in the area of ​​New Jersey, and the rest – in New York, there were numerous legal hassles, to determine the direct ownership. Despite the fact that the edict of 1834 declared that the two states share the ownership of the island, in the judgment of the Supreme Court in 1998, it was announced that New Jersey is responsible for all parts of the island, created after the 1834 today, New Jersey and New York share the ownership of the island, which, after Lyndon Johnson Declaration in 1965 was transferred to the US national park Service, which tends to it with the New York harbor and other famous sights as part of the monument to the statue of Liberty.

She immigration station was designed by Edward and William Lippinkotam Tyltanam Eltsyfronam Baryngam, both of which have been recognized for design at the Paris Exposition in 1900. Over the years its iconic Grand Hall and close bedrooms for immigrants had 12 million men, women and children. . During the peak of immigration to North America in 1907 for Ellis Island it has been almost 1.5 million immigrants.

With millions who hope, two percent were denied immigrant status, their refusal was nicknamed Alice Island tears. Failure made primarily within the health care, whether it is for obvious reasons of illness or insanity, or when they happened criminal past. However, among those who have achieved success, 3000 people died on Ellis Island in the hospital.

Immigration procedures have allowed public health officials to determine who is suitable to enter the United States, and 20-second medical examination considered sufficient for the emergence of inquiries about the health of people, whether it be for reasons of the heart, hernia or con & # 39; yuktyvitu, which was later recorded the challenge of a jacket or a jacket, sending them to isolation, detention or dismissal. In general, the process took only two to five hours, and many people could enter the United States for a relatively short time compared to the heavy trip on the corners of the globe.

Immigrants came from Asia, Europe and Russia, always mixing faith, religion and culture. As a result, nearly half of all Americans can trace its something & # 39; u a relative, who drove through the port of New York's Ellis Island. Famous names that have passed through the Great Hall – Opera Enrico Caruso, zabavlyalnik Bob Hope, directed by Frank Capra, actress Klavdet Colbert, cosmetologist Max Factor and physicist Albert Einstein.

While millions of immigrants were sent to the United States through Ellis annually, currently millions of tourists choose flights to New York and continue to visit Ellis Island each year.

The information contained in this article, with the & # 39 is the opinion of the author and is intended purely for information and interest purposes. It should not be used to make any decisions, and to take any action. Any links are included for information purposes only.

Spring in New York, NY, – 10 of our best stuff


# 1 – orchids SHOW

If you are a big fan of blooming orchids in the state of New York, you can get a great show at the Bronx Botanical Garden. Here you will find your private tours, which take you through the entire pallet of spring foliage, as well as in-depth training about the beautiful plant life in New York.

Number 2 – High Line

For the other side of the natural beauty that can be found in New York, you can discover one of the most unique urban parks in the country on the High Line, where the old elevated rail line transformed into a walking tour for recreation, cuisine in New York and protected gardens fantastic views from the top.


New York style indisputable, especially the old scenes, where high fashion is still often draws inspiration or even rebirth revives old works. The exhibition "Manhattan Vintage Clothing", you will find vendors who demonstrate their skill and all the classic kuratatsyyu of foreign objects.


If the temperature goes up, watch it with the best hot sauces, presented at the annual exhibition of hot sauce in New York. You can try every sort of sauce, derived from the most hot peppers and vegetables. If you gluttony for punishment, you can even compete in the hottest contests of food can set Guinness record?

# 5 – PIR Antiqua SHOW

The rich history of New York is often found in its historical artifacts and works of art that can give you an idea of ​​what life was like during each era. On the largest antiques fair New York you will find a wide range of objects and paintings, which consist of a few decades before the ancient objects.

Number 6 – FISTAVALI VSKHIDNAGO tips and Bonnet

Outside of the big events of the White House is not the Easter party than a holiday on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. This is an ideal family entertainment, which always brings a laugh and a smile every year.


Once you have had the opportunity to see the infamous New York library and small bookshops in which the book is made up to the ceiling, there is a book exhibition, which specializes in rare and obscure things that can be found throughout the spring. It's not stealing, you will find small shops or yard sales, so be prepared to pay a penny for rare specimens.


This is the best place if you're a fan of the spring cherry, you'll find plenty of trees of different shades of pinks, bright white magnolias and colorful tulips of different colors.

Number 9 – Ride a bike

Stroll along the sidewalk on the infamous Coney Island, where you can choose the iconic New York stores and restaurants with amazing seafood. Do not forget to ride on a famous American rock cycle before insulate themselves.

№ 10 – Central Park

Each season – it's a good season for Central Park, but without a doubt, it really opens up the most during the spring. Plan a classic picnic or just take a stroll through the different areas of recreation.

Quick correction of planning a trip to Boston, Massachusetts


This paper is ideal for those looking for quick tips on trips to Boston, Massachusetts, a place where most people say that the beginning of the history of America. Below you will find useful tips and guidelines you need to remember and prepare before and during a trip to this peaceful paradise of New England.

Boston – this resolution, culture, tradition and history

The reason that Boston remains a popular tourist destination, lies in the fact that he is undoubtedly one of the richest cities in the US for the revolution. In the depth of its history it has block of traditions, culture, design changes, new freedom and revolution. Here lived some of the most inspiring and promising thinkers and overcame bar & # 39; sphere in historical and cultural terms.

But as for a trip to Boston, Massachusetts – much of what you do and what you feel is dependent on the time of year. The town boasts a historical trend for shopping indoors and outdoors, for example, Faneuil Hall, to heart skipped a beat, giant ocean tank and aquariums, such as the New England Aquarium, Museum of Fine Arts, such as the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, theater, legendary grand town house known historical and public figures scattered throughout the landscape, unprecedented.

Easy transit in Boston, MA

Flight from New York in under an hour, and from Amtrak for about an hour and a half from Connecticut. Of course, using charter buses to make the holes were stopped in between. It offers the possibility to savor the secrets of the old towns, plunge into unharvested countryside, explore uncharted terrain … and, of course, let's not forget about this Self.

Tips for planning a route in Boston, Massachusetts

  1. Firstly, it would be to find the most affordable and convenient flight Logan International Airport in East Boston, Worcester Regional Airport, the regional airport Manchester-Boston or T.F. Green Airport in Warwick in neighboring Rhode Island. Valet how you get into the city, there will always be the most important item on your agenda.

  2. For those who have traveling in a large groupSuffice it to say, a charter bus in Boston would be more than happy to have you! To get to Boston and get out of the group would be a breeze with the bus in the finished state, complete with chauffeurs and experienced personnel. Thus, you would not be blind … and in this case it would be blind.

  3. Where to stay in Boston, MA? Next will be the place to catch the important shutei between trips to the museums and a place to call home for a while. Research shows that by staying in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts may cut a big chunk out of your budget, so if you want to save a buck or two, try to seek shelter on the outskirts of Boston. The trip in and out of the metropolis can take about 30-40 minutes for the trip, but well-planned route it would not make much difference. In the end, it's the perfect time to quickly take a nap in a chartered bus.

  4. What can be done in Boston, Massachusetts – Planning and route of travel can be fun and easy if you are traveling in a small group or as a couple. However, for large groups of people with different tastes and differences it would be better to group friends according to their interests. For example, list the attractions is strictly for gourmets, art lovers, buyers, fitness enthusiasts, history buffs, children and the elderly. Our advice is to keep things flexible and free. A good idea of ​​what you want to do is different from the impossibility of changing the shape, depending on the current situation. When there is rain, walking, do not say, to exclude from the list. Another tip – this issue the tickets ahead of time and make a note of the opening hours.

  5. Check out the channel & # 39; I. The four are very clear, different seasons out & # 39; e in Boston has a reputation as more than a little dramatic. See winter snowfall throughout December until March; Spring, the growing season, which means that you can lose the jacket; Wet summer, but completely controlled; while the fall weather & # 39; e makes it seem that this is the best weather & # 39; e on earth. This is especially important if you have small children or elderly travelers. Knowing that you need to bring ahead of time to save a headache or hunt for things in the city center, with which you are unfamiliar.

The contents of all on one page, in one bus

Moving in a large group can take part in almost all, and we are here to make the trip more memorable. Once you have planned your path, please contact our friendly staff for customer service, and we will connect you with the best Boston chartarskimi buses on the market. Relax in the comfort of the bus, having the opportunity to pavyazatstsa with your colleagues, literally no price in all respects.

Biting into the Big Apple


If someone is considering a trip to New York, they usually believe in the leading tourist destinations such as the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. These sights, although timeless and really New York, can consume a significant chunk of the time and can not be so great for the visitor as new offerings of the metropolis. With less idea and planning individual traveler, couple or household can place more enjoyable (and perhaps more relaxed) than any chain.

The best thing to do when planning a trip to New York – this style of travel; With the three major airports serving the region, there may be differences, which airline to use if you need to avoid a particular airport, or to prefer. (JFK is considered to be almost difficult to participate and departure, while some believe that Newark is too far.) However, in spite of the availability of shuttles into the soil up to the middle of the city center you can get a little more than US $ 50. If you want to press, it is important to stop to learn, not a hotel, which is considered offers parking and price. Hotels may accuse upward to $ 40 per day, with no privileges at checkout / check-out, and a national park with a high rate may be all that close. This knowledge can be differences in the choice of hotels and can significantly change the assessment of the price.

Be aware that most of the tiny and medium-sized hotel in perfect zones in a relatively accessible and safe areas require at least $ 200 per night. Sometimes you may discover discounts on weekends or through AAA, but in extreme cases it is just 20. If you make higher taxes, it may change the number of days that you can consider.

If the price or position does not cause major problems, you have a choice of hotel. In the city center there are tiny "boutique" hotels (with street number and areas to the south of them) that can accommodate up to 2 guests in the room. You will discover converted homes in urban areas (more than 60) that seem charming, but offer a shared bath. There are classes in the boarding school for students is as simple as a network of wealth, rooms that begin with more than $ 400 per night. In the city center (about 30 th to 60 th street, almost every hotel is within walking distance to the largest number of entertainment, dining, shopping and tourist zones are introduced anywhere). Manhattan areas are not in the city center. Even when visiting for the weekend, if you want to Greenwich Village, Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown, the city center (in the southern seaport or in financial centers), or in the center (Metropolitan Museum), taking taxis traffic will spend the best trade Minute . Metro can get to you in less than 15 minutes, which can significantly increase the time to humor when you do not have to walk 20 minutes to the station and to her.

If you have a hotel and travel arrangements at the right price, the following measure is to ask yourself what exactly you want to do. If you want to see the museum, you can select a few, and then stop the Internet to get new ideas. If you have a Broadway display that you are considering, you have to determine whether to buy tickets in advance on the internet (and pay the service fee, plus, they can not be exchanged) or to take time from his vacation to get half of the ticket price. (A lot of the show is now more than $ 100 per ticket, although some online dyskaunery live.) In any case, the show you need to plan your schedule in advance to have much time for lunch and a trip to the theater; in New York, you'll be surprised how often takes all! (Remember that almost all museums and theaters are closed on Mondays.)

Shopping set up everywhere in New York. Architect stores with higher prices are set on the 5th Avenue. and throughout midtown, but areas in the city center offer a little expensive clothes, which can be considered fashionable. Transactions on accessories can be customized kiosks Chinatowns, and the days can be lived in only one of the many department stores.

Some of the most interesting and free attractions that you can not miss, – Ground Zero, Grand Central Station, Central Park, Rockefeller Center and the Trump Tower.

Elegant dining is more expensive than in new areas of the nation; but there are chains, delis and thousands of cultural snacks, which can detect a snack respectable nutrient at prices that are not from the & # 39 are unfounded. (If the potential of bringing snacks from home, it can save a surprising amount of money.)

Termination at any leading hotel provides approach to tourist informational brochures and a concierge. For most regions of New Yorkers are useful when it comes to giving directions and advice.

It goes without saying that during the same tour, you must see places in the same general region. Although you may not believe it, it's not a simple problem to move from the city to the city center or still cross the city. Selecting several hours in New York a traveler on the time information, the opening address and will help immensely.

Once again to talk with a man who was recently in New York. These experiences may have differences that you may want to do. Be aware that most of the known attractions ever packed and expensive, and they may come to the moment of noon. If time is limited, you can focus on what you and those around you most enjoy. Finally, planning their activities, rest assured that "falls" in normal times. The sheer size and variety of the metropolis can win, and you will be very fond of my evenings, if you go for a short break in the afternoon.

Wherever you came to Manhattan, you are sure to experience this in New York. To love the preference of a large apple, take comfortable shoes, the existing mentality and a sense of escape.

The question of income tax of New York State


If you move to New York or out of it, coupled with the sale of businesses or termination of the contract of employment, you should consult with a tax attorney. These issues are beyond the scope of this question.

General Report on taxation and taxation:

Why New York testing me?

New York State protects the base of the income tax, to carry out checks in which you can find a residence or source of income in New York. New Yorkers are responsible for income tax worldwide. Non-residents are taxes from their income in New York. Typical objectives of the audit to the & # 39 are managers and other dahodshchyki high income, who are traveling to New York and serving non-resident declaration or not to submit a declaration.

How could I find a New Yorker?

Two ways.

First, you can live in New York and spending in the state for at least 30 days during the year. Lifelong place – it is a legal concept that refers roughly to where you come from. You can change the place of residence, but only if you move somewhere that is not temporary.

Secondly, you can be a legal resident of New York City. Are you a legal resident if you hold house in New York (including the apartment that you rent) and spend in the state for more than 183 days. For narrow exceptions, any part of a day spent in the state (even a minute), it is considered a whole day. Days of Travel to New York City is always counted as days in New York.

If I do not live in New York and not a legal resident living space, can New York still tax me?

Yes. New York can and will tax you on your source of income in New York. If you earn a salary or wages, your income from a source in New York – it's part of your earnings from the days spent in the State of New York.

As the state to prove that I was in New York?

They do not want. Examiners will count on you to prove that you were not in New York. Every day, you can not prove that you have spent the whole day outside of New York, will be considered during the day in New York.

How do I prove that I was not in New York?

If you are in New York, but not a resident, you need to conduct 1) modern calendar that captures your location for each day of the year; and left the country. Calendar on which you rely, must be kept in the regular course of your trade or business. If you build it to prepare for the exam, it's too late – the examiners do not have to accept it and probably will not take it.

Can I avoid income in New York, working at home outside of New York?

Probably not. If your employer is located in New York, working at home, even if it is outside of the State of New York will still be counted as income in New York, if your employer requires you to work at home that day. For more information about the position of New York with respect to the source of income while working from a home office, see the TSB-M-065 (5) I. Do not confuse the test, "the convenience of the employer", discussed it with the source of the rules discussed above, which act if you do not work in your home.

Holiday planning to travel to China


When you start to make plans for the summer, make sure that you have included in the list of China. I'll tell you why.

First of all, we all know China as a beautiful country with a unique culture, which is difficult to understand; However, you may want to find the answers this summer to go to China. If you are worried about the language bar & # 39; er, there is always the possibility to choose a reliable travel agent to help you plan the itinerary. They arrange everything from hotel accommodation, guides and transportation in China, so you do not have to worry about any problems during your holiday. With his experience in the Chinese tourism industry and 25 of the & # 39 objects Chinese heritage, inscribed on UNESCO's list of reliable China tour operators have travel packages specially designed to meet your visit the most beautiful cities in China.

Popular destinations in China have different sights and attractions, so plan trips to China is important. The usual tourist package, which acquired many tourists, with & # 39 is the Beijing-Xian-Shanghai. This excursion package allows you to learn and see the historic city of Beijing and its famous monuments; You can also see the Terracotta Army and the great weather of wild geese in Xian and finally explore the shopping streets of cosmopolitan Shanghai.

Beijing, the capital of the country is known for its historical sites and monuments, which include the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Great Wall (China, travel icon), Temple of Heaven, and National Museum. This museum has all the necessary materials to learn about the history and culture of China. In his spare time, you can taste the special delicacies of Beijing & # 150; & # 147; roast duck & # 148; and witness a typical Beijing Opera. Peking Opera is an art – and cultural show demonstrating the combination of singing, recitals, acrobatics, dance and martial arts to tell the story. This show, which you need to be a witness when traveling to Beijing.

If you have been to New York, you can imagine what it looks like Shanghai. This city – one of the oldest cities in China, which combines a mix of modern and old stylish buildings. Being the financial center of China, it boasts of attractive sky scrapers on the north-eastern section in Pudong, and Release is the old stylish architecture; This contrasts – something that adds to the beauty of Shanghai. It's like the old town in a new city.

What can be done in Shanghai, includes shopping on the famous Nanjing Road, visit the Oriental Pearl Tower and talk on a walk through the streets of the French Concession area.

Xi'an – the ancient imperial city of China. This site terracotta army soldiers, who are considered the eighth wonder of the world. One of the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century, these warriors – a picture of the work and skill of China.

Yunnan – one of the provinces in China, is very susceptible to tourists and foreigners; this is due to the mild climate and peaceful environment, which is always there. Yunnan ethnic minorities, known for their excellent landscape with pristine natural resources, impassable terrain and a rich cultural history, with a & # 39 is one of its greatest treasures. This province – a melting pot of different cultures and ethnic tribes from across China.

Often said that China & # 39; is a global tourist destination; Besides hiking in Tibet Plain, Yangshuo and Guilin – a spy capital of China. With vysakagor & # 39; families, plateaus, caves and beautiful river Lijiang, adventure lovers are guaranteed to have a great time discovering the natural wonders of Guilin and Yanshuo.

So much to do, so much to eat and so much to experience during a trip to China; it is not enough to describe in words, so it is recommended to experience China firsthand.

For more information about China Travels and China Tour ( Rest, visit Passport to China.

Enjoy the best of New York's bowls


Rightfully carrying the title of one of the greatest cities in the world, you will find an excellent architecture, fascinating history, modern institutions and the best conference facilities in New York. If you are in this beautiful city on business, even if most of the time spend in the room, grab every opportunity that you can explore. Go and get ready, continue to move or go out of the way! City that never sleeps, no one stops.

The town is known for its shopping center and numerous conference rooms of world-class in New York City. Here is the headquarters of many international corporations – hence the demand for a meeting room in New York. If you are not working, try these top deals.

What to see and do

The first thing you need to do is ride the elevator up to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, the second largest building in New York. As soon as you pick up the 1050 feet into the sky, a panoramic view of the city from the sky & # 39 is an exciting spectacle. You can get a 360-degree view of the whole city below you: day or night, when the city was just poured.

After a busy day of meetings go to Times Square – a place where you really do not know where to look first. Massive digital billboards, Broadway shows, street hawkers and the famous Naked Cowboy, who plays his guitar in close suit – all this for sense gratification. Add to this the massive flagship stores, the famous wax museum Madame Tyuso and hundreds of bars, cafes and restaurants, and you may need a couple of days to explore Times Square.

Central Park – one of the world's great urban creations, designed by man, and extends over 840 acres that skip in the middle of Manhattan, within walking distance of many great conference rooms in New York. The park was designed in the mid-19th century, Frederick Law Olmstedam and Calvert in. Take a walk around the zoo, and then visit the Belvedere Castle and Memorial Carousel Frydsama. If you're here in the winter, enjoy ice skating at Wollman Rink with the park as colorful background. You can even catch Shakespeare in the Park at the Delacorte Theater performance.

You can not visit this city without seeing it first lady. Statue of Liberty, the beacon of hope for generations of immigrants, with & # 39 is the most recognized landmark of New York. Although you can see Lady Liberty from land, ferry ride will take you close. If you are lucky enough to get a ticket to get to the observation deck, you can get some great photos. Directions will give you a free ride through the immigration museum on Ellis Island. It was the first US port of entry to more than 12 million immigrants. Take a walk through the Great Hall and feel the enormous excitement that these immigrants could feel starting a new life.