Smart tips for traveling in air fares

An important part of the budget covers travel transport, and it often involves flights. Gentle traveler does more than keep an eye on the Internet for discounts. He is looking for more creative ways to stretch travel dollars.

Using free stops Overs

When we first traveled to the hubbub in Australia, we flew to New Zealand. Why? Because the airline offered a free stop in its center in New Zealand. We have never seen the country and is still planning her trip. Thus, we did not have to pay for airline tickets in and out.

The second time we traveled to Australia, we flew Air Tahiti Nui. This airline has offered, you guessed it, free stop in Tahiti on the way to the road and back. Another place that we always wanted to visit.

hidden city

Free stopping – an advantage that is open offer some airlines. Hidden city nereklamuyutstsa not only, but also actively interfere with the airlines. However, they can be a great savings for sparing travelers.

An example of this with a & # 39 is a trip from New York to Las Vegas. Sometimes a flight from New York to Los Angeles is cheaper, but this is the flight stops in Las Vegas to pick up more passengers. So it does not allow the budget traveler soon reach the destination he or she wants to visit?

A few things … The luggage will be sent to a special place, so the trick is only for passengers. Also, the flyer must remember that the return ticket must start on its actual location.


For flexible, simple traveler, hit a fly – it's like winning the lottery travel. There is usually a compensation plus you allow someone else who really need time to get to your destination.

Travelers who know the rules, know the proposed compensation (check the carrier's website), the following flights are aware (beware for carriers flying once a week), and can weigh it against violations of plans. My husband and I always decide before you arrive at the airport (early, so we have a boarding pass, to give), it is worth it or not. Thus we can be the first to offer their seats.

There are ways to increase the chances of running, the easiest way to book a flight is completely full (usually later flight of the day).

Air travel should not fall on budget travel. Thanks to some monitoring sites with discounts and the use of creative, frugal traveler can get more for less.

Holidays in New York – fun in the Big Apple

What would you do, you should definitely go to New York vacation and to visit New York. You might think that New York is really nothing to do, but you will see that the Great Apple may offer you things that you should keep in mind.

New York will be able to meet the needs of all. Here you will feel the satisfaction and admiration, you never feel anywhere else. New York City – an amazing and beautiful place that can give you a reason to buy and wear this shirt "I love New York." Whatever your interests, you can be sure that you can really have fun in the Big Apple.

For example, if you like the food and the dining room, you can taste some unusual culinary delights in the restaurants located throughout the city. In New York, there are restaurants that will satisfy the taste buds of different people. Do you like Japanese food, Indian food or French cuisine, you can be sure that New York will be able to eat the house, specializing in a particular cuisine.

If you want to experience what it is like to live in New York, then you can take over the lease of the apartments or houses in the city. Most of these houses belong to the people of New York, which they rent to others for a short time. It's not just give you a more exciting experience during a visit to New York, but you will also save a lot of money for a long and boring hotel. Also staying in a New York apartment to put you right in the center of the action where you will be able to live and breathe as New Yorkers, a few days or weeks.

If you are a man who loves the nightlife and are traveling with your friends, then New York will be able to supply you with some of the hottest nightspots on the international level. Here you can truly experience what is a party in New York. And because it is a city that never sleeps, you can count on the party to the morning hours.

For people who love sports, Madison Square Garden defined for you. Here you can buy tickets for the Knicks and Rangers. This is also the place where are some of the hottest show on the planet, such as concerts and even a circus.

For fans of baseball, you can go to Yankee Stadium. Old destroyed, and the new is next to the old stadium. Located in the Bronx in New York City, Yankee Stadium from the & # 39 is the home of the New York Yankees.

New York is also known for its museums. If you are involved in art, history and culture, you may like to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the United States Natural History Museum in New York.

These are just some of the many things that you can do in New York City. As you can see, they are just so many interesting issues that you can do in this city, and you will want to wear the shirt "I love New York."

Visit New York On The Cheap

Travel New York cheap:

New York has an excellent public transport system. Unlike other cities, the subway system runs all night and is not divided into zones – a ticket to a $ 2.00 can take you on the street, or in any of the other cities. Cheapest way to travel on the subway – is the subway for a day or a week. Day pass will cost you $ 7 or $ 24 for a week pass, and you'll get an unlimited number of subway and local buses (but not express buses). The best place to buy your Metrocard – computer & # 39; yuteryzavanyya kiosks located in most stations. These kiosks allow you to pay with debit and credit cards as well as cash.

You can also use Metrocard bus in Manhattan, and although they are not always the fastest, they can give you a beautiful view of the city. Catch the bus M1,2,3 or 4 on 106 th Street and 5 th Avenue on the Upper East and traveling through the city center park. Along 5th Avenue you will get a beautiful view of the park and some of the most beautiful apartment houses in the city.

~ Dreams Cheap in New York:

Planning a trip to New York City, hostels choice can be overwhelming. All recommended dorms are large and can offer something different. Think about what is important to you, and choose the one that fits your style. We, in particular, are as follows:

* Wanderers Inn East – Located on the upper east Manhetansa, this is a great place to lay your head while you're in town. The hostel is located in a converted town house in a safe neighborhood that gives the traveler a sense of real New Yorkers. The hostel has both dormitory rooms and private rooms. The rooms in the hostel – from $ 26, and some – from $ 75. Complimentary breakfast here – it is also a great program.

* Chelsea International – is a hostel located on the street quite close to all central stocks. Although the free breakfast is not offered in the environment have a kitchen area and free pizza

night. There is also a nice courtyard to socialize and meet other travelers. The rooms in the hostel without bathrooms are paying for 28 dollars a night, and in the residential rooms with bathroom – $ 32. Private rooms are available at $ 70 per night.

~ Free things in New York:

* Staten Island Ferry – To get a great view of the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island Ferry Use

the lower tip of Manhattan to Steten island. To get the best view, go to one of the outer decks of the ferry. The ferry is free, and you will have the opportunity to talk with real New Yorkers. Go to the subway at South-Paris or Whitehall Street to facilitate the easiest access to the ferry.

* Central Park – Central Park – it is a huge oasis in the heart of Manhattan. it relaxes

a break from the city to stroll through the different areas of the park. There are many ways to study with scenic views of luxury apartment buildings bordering the park.

* Horse Island – This famous and historical walk around the board, located in Brooklyn, with & # 39 is an interesting visit

the summer months. Check out some of the famous side shows, old rides, original Nathan's hot dogs and pizza Tatan.

Happy travels!

Four ways to see New York

Views of New York has long been assumed to be among the best in the world of urban and densely populated areas, but where it is best to see New York?

From the air, on the sidewalk, there are many ways to see the Big Apple, and this guide will walk you through the fantastic views that can be obtained from the New York festival.

From Empire State Building

No one can visit the city that never sleeps without a trip to the Empire State Building and offers a unique view of one of the most iconic landmarks of the city, it also offers one of the best ways to see New York.

In the near future up to 1500 feet in height, the Empire State Building offers spectacular views from the top, where visitors can stand where the last was shot so many television and kinaperadach, including King Kong and the "Sleepless" in Seattle. The queue for the chance to see such legendary species may be the only place in the journey, and so many outstanding ticket operators offer skip tickets, which allow visitors to save waiting half an hour.

on top of the cliff

For those visiting in the winter, few places have overcome the famous Rockefeller Center for a unique view of the city. Stylish platform for viewing outdoors Top of Rock, which was built in 1930, still offers the same incredible views, and that all those years ago, despite the fact that many even boasts that offers the best views than the Empire State Building.

From the air

While these stationary landmark building offers beautiful views of New York, did not get a helicopter tour of the Grand apple. Journey to the Empire State Building or the Rockefeller Center gives the opportunity to experience some of the beautiful monuments of the city firsthand tour by helicopter offer views of all the major attractions, offering an incredible once in a lifetime experience that provides an excellent memory of your time in the city.

On the floor

If the height – not your thing, then there are many more options to find the best views of New York. Open top bus – just one of the ways to see the bright lights of New York's close, not getting to the horizon. Some bus tickets even offer the option of a ticket for a jump to jump, allowing visitors to jump on the bus, if you will, if they want somewhere to explore on foot, they can!

Where to find the offers for your holiday – on search tools to compare Manual, Appendix discounts on travel and more

There are many ways to find deals on holiday these days. An ordinary man who has ever had access to tickets and discounts at hotels, are now easily view and compare many lucrative offers for business trips, vacation packages, cruises and much more. If you're wondering where to find suggestions for relaxation, you have a good start.

The only place that you want to see – is the site for comparison. These sites work with most major and low cost airlines in the world, hundreds of thousands of hotels, with all car rental companies, dozens of cruise lines and so on. They provide a simple-to-use search tools. All you need to do is to enter the date that you are interested in travel, departure city, destination and number of people who travel. There are options for airfare search alone, hotel accommodation alone, car rental alone, the cruise fare, or a combination thereof. Sometimes extra savings if you collect it all at once.

If you do not have anything specific in mind, there is a "daily deals", "holiday packages," "what to do", etc. … to check. You can view all current offers both domestic and international holidays.

Although this is a great way to find discounts on such popular destinations as the Caribbean, Cancun, Vegas, Paris, New York, Orlando, Hawaii, etc. … you can still ask the question, where to find deals for holidays in recreational areas so as popular. Just enter the first few letters of the destination, and the search function will automatically prompt the name of the destination, and the nearest airport. Play around with the dates – the more flexible you are, the easier it will be to find a discount.

Where else to find holiday offers

Another place to discounts on travel – newsletters and additions. Offer the latest deals directly to your inbox or smartphone is already in the moment when they emerge. Some applications allow you to specify your budget and destinations that interest you. There mailing on general tourist offer, and some of which are designed to travel on a specialty, such as Caribbean cruises and Maui.

Also there are sites for trades that allow you to make trades on hotel rooms and airfare. However, you need to be particularly savvy, and this strategy is not for everyone.

Now you know where to find deals on holiday, make sure to use a reliable service that serves a customer service, no matter choose the option of search and comparison, mailing services, application, etc. Also, use promo codes and other special offers to lower the price even more.

Get all the necessary features to save online. This is by far the best place to search, find and compare the rates of travel. You can also order directly through websites or applications. Where you can find deals on holiday and business travel services available. Be sure to use online coupons when booking the trip.

New York: pleasant tourist destination

New York offers visitors a constant pleasure for its various hot spots. The Roman Catholic Church of St. Patrick's Cathedral is located in Manhattan. It was opened in 1879. It is the largest and most beautiful church of the United States. It has two tall spiers and the organ with over 9000 pipes. Mass in the church are held regularly, and tours are offered for groups with more than ten people.

Chrysler Building was built for the automotive giant Walter P. Chrysler in 1930. It was the tallest building in the world in 1930 the height of 1046 feet and a & # 39 is a must destination for tourists.

Empire State Building – a very famous building, located in Manhattan, NY. The Empire State Building was built in May 1931. He became the tallest building in May 1931, with a height of 1454 feet, and on the deck of the observatory on the 86th floor, opened a magnificent view of New York City. To date, he was visited by over 110 million people. It was sold for 51 million in 1951 and became the highest paid in real estate in the world at that time.

A number of museums, such as the American Museum of Natural History, the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art – hot tourist spot. Several art galleries and theaters – one of the most popular visitors from around the world.

Tourists have many options for travel within the city of New York and in other cities. All modes of transport, such as airplanes, trains, buses and cars are available for convenient travel.

European tourists annoy the citizens of New York

This year, the strong euro has allowed Europeans to travel to the United States for half of their Christmas shopping. According to the Department of Tourism, the city was visited by about 1.3 million foreigners.

Philip Kasinits, culture researcher and historian from Hunter College, New York University, said that tourists never welcomed in this town, but this year they are not particularly fond of. And to blame the strong euro. Because now it costs about one dollar, the number of foreigners who came to New York for Christmas shopping is much more than usual.

Tourists occupy the sidewalks, moving too slowly, a sudden stop to look at the sights, standing in long lines at restaurants and cafes McDonald & # 39; s Starbucks and take at least five minutes to make an order in English.

As reported by "Inopressa" referring to the "New York Times", this year, all stores sell all his goods at half price. At least that's what Europeans think. Meanwhile, some stores began to accept euros along with dollars.

Local residents are unhappy with tourists, despite the fact that last year they have invested in the city's economy is almost $ 25 billion. A few days ago a rag, "New York Post" published a malicious instruction for New Yorkers under the heading "What are the areas of the city yet away from the tourists are free."

By the way, the government of New York plans to allow the Dutch company to build an amazing park on Governors Island in New York. They expect that this place – quite different from the urban landscape, and as close to nature. But tourists will certainly be visiting this place as …

Greetings from New York – the first impression of the Big Apple

So yesterday morning our flight American Airways (booked for free with my Airmiles) left at 7:13 am to take us to the Big Apple, a place that I have always admired, but only twice in his life visited, and it more than 10 years ago.

Only flight over NYC was an experience itself, seeing all the skyscrapers of Manhattan, the various bridges that connect the mainland with the island, and soon after the flight through the prison on Rikers Island, we landed at the airport of La Guardia, in fact, in a small airport. compared to Toronto

Our luggage came out as soon as possible, and we caught a few weeks long transit passes (a pretty good deal for $ 24 US for unlimited travel for a week), and we started our trip to Brooklyn. One bus (through a mostly Latin area in Queens) and one travel on the metro (in Manhattan) later we were in our beautiful bed and breakfast in the posh area, south of Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Since we did not know the area and the website B & B provided just a tiny little map, we have chosen the wrong subway line to a & # 39; to go, and we had to walk about half an hour to find accommodation, but it gave us a good look at this part of Brooklyn.

This area with stately homes and houses that stand about a century. Magnolia and cherry trees are blooming everywhere and gardens carefully stored here. Our quarter Brooke feels very safe, and we need to meet our hosts with breakfasts and lunches: very hospitable and outgoing couple in the 40s by the name of Harry and Bibi. They showed us to our room, a beautiful room on the third floor of this spacious house, with a shared bathroom.

In fact, the whole house was transformed into a guesthouse and has 8 bedrooms, 2nd and 3rd floor of the house has a kitchen and sleeping areas, and it actually promotes a comfortable stay, as it feels more like the presence of his own apartment. And not just rent a room.

Before from & # 39 entrance I thoroughly studied the accommodation options in New York, and by looking at all the options (hotels, hostels, guest houses), I decided that the option B & B will be the most convenient route. A night at 90.00 US dollars it certainly proved to be one of the most affordable options and a great base to start exploring New York City …

Grab flights to New York and explore iconic landmarks

New York – this is one of the cities that can correctly claim that he & # 39 is the "capital of the world"! This is the most popular place on the planet and is the center of global art, fashion, technology, business, and anything else what you can come up with.

New York has many world-class attractions and tourist facilities. People from all over the world dream book flights to New York and enjoy a "gap" with the & # 39; true Big Apple.

Look at some of the biggest attractions of New York, which are responsible for the creation of such utopichnay concept of "cheap airline tickets to fly to New York."

statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty – perhaps the most informative structure in the world and has become a symbol of New York, and more specifically, the United States itself. This huge statue, which the French authorities presented to United States residents. Considered the most beautiful testament warm diplomatic ties between the two great countries. Millions of travelers who book flights to New York, be sure to visit this stunning statue on Liberty Island.

Empire State Building

Due to the imagery in countless Hollywood films, The Empire State Building is one of the most famous buildings around the world. Once the world's tallest building, the Empire State Building – it is light-resistant and ingenuity of the country, since the structure was completed during the Great Depression.

Viewing platforms on the 86th and 102nd floors of the Empire State Building offer spectacular views of the New York. Kind of becoming more beautiful in the late evening, when the artificial neon lights of the city below compete with twinkling stars far above!

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art may be the most popular of all the museums in the world. Millions creators festival annually visit this magnificent museum to check out one of the most impressive collections of art and artifacts in the world. The museum presents a huge assembly of more than 2 million individual items in a variety of genres, such as Greek art, Roman art, modern art, musical instruments, medieval art and photography. If worldwide airlines offer several flights a day to New York, and most of them still gets credit books, some credit should also be given Metrapalitanskamu Art Museum!

Times Square

In New York, everything begins and ends in Times Square. Times Square – pulsatsyyny pulse of the city, where the activity never stops, and metushnya never quenched. In this region you can find several Broadway theaters, cinemas and awarded restaurants. But it is a countdown New Year's Eve in Times Square, making it the most famous square in the world and makes "cheap flights to New York" almost aksimoronam.

Central park

Nestled on 850 acres of Central Park – one of the main attractions of New York. The park presents a series of lakes, theaters, ice rinks, tennis courts, playgrounds, fountains and many other of the & # 39 objects. The park also boasts a zoo where live various species of animals and birds. Central Park, certainly offers a peaceful haven from all the pain and urban life.

Brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the best technological advances of the modern world and remains one of the most famous sights of the city. This beautiful bridge spans the river between East Brooklyn and Manhattan and stretches the length of almost 6,000 feet. Brooklyn Bridge footpath not only allows people to cross the river without having to worry about driving, but also offers some spectacular views of the city skyline.

Visiting New York City – attractions that you want to see!

In New York, every year is visited by millions of international tourists in the electric atmosphere, and exciting attractions. Below are some of the essential places that tourists simply can not afford to miss during a visit to New York –

Statue of Liberty: Statue of Liberty at the same time acts as the face of the United States and New York. This magnificent structure stands about 305 feet or 93 meters in height from its base and attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every year. It also acts as an unwavering symbol of enlightenment, strength, freedom, and offers inspiration for the righteous acts all races and cultures.

Times Square: Times Square is the most popular for its giant electronic billboards, nightlife, cinemas and Broadway theaters. The presence of numerous shops and restaurants, obviously adds to the atmosphere elektryfikavalnuyu Times Square and offers a variety of options to visitors at the same time. However, the most iconic structure Times Square is still a & # 39 is the building of Paramount, which in the past housed the world famous Paramount Theater. For these reasons, the Times Square continues with the & # 39; to emerge tourist magnet, and therefore, attracts visitors from all over the world.

Central Park: Availability of Central Park is sure to make New York a much more exciting and a place to live. This huge park covers about 843 acres and is located right in the center of Manhattan. It is interesting that the scientific design of the park still serve as an ideal model for many city parks around the world.

Central Park offers everything for everyone! This multipoint large pads, baseball fields, tennis courts, bridges, monuments, statues, historic buildings, fine fountains, palaces ice, theaters and more beautiful lakes. Here you will also find the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park Zoo. Surprisingly, this park also serves as a meditation area for many.

Brooklyn Bridge: New York Brooklyn Bridge serve as an example of fine engineering achievements during the nineteenth century. This spectacular structure stretches nearly 1.8 kilometers, and connects Brooklyn to Manhattan quite easily. However, the presence of two giant stone towers with one of the world's largest Gothic arches made it the most visited historic landmark. The bridge is also known for its pedestrian walkway, which offers a magnificent panoramic view of the center of Manhattan, as well as the stone towers of the bridge.

Empire State Building: Empire State Building stands out among the clutter, and probably with a & # 39 is the most famous building in New York. Over the years, this skyscraper was shown in many films; The most popular of them – "King Kong", filmed in 1930.